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Untame Your Heart

14.02.2012 in Featured, personal development, self-care

The untamed heart holds no fear.  You are run by passion and intuition.  You let go of control and have an innate trust in yourself. Wow!  Think about what life would be like if you lived it like that! I am not saying you must…

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Celebrating the Light!

21.12.2011 in personal development

I had the pure pleasure, on Sunday, watching my kids participate in a Christmas play.  It was so fun seeing them dressed up and sharing their lines with joy and pride!  What was fun about the play was that it had a casual tone, where…

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Surrender to the Green Beans

27.04.2011 in personal development, Stress

One of my early spiritual teachers shared with me a story about her process of training to become a shaman.  She had traveled all over the world, learning from amazing spiritual masters.  Part of her last leg of preparation was working in a spiritual community,…

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The Tree by Carlene Roberts

01.04.2011 in personal development

It started as a seed, And at first was mistaken for a weed. It felt so very small, But always stood up tall. When left alone to grow, Its life energy began to flow. The earth offered nurturance and love, And the sun offered light…

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