The Tree by Carlene Roberts

01 Apr 2011, by michelle in personal development

It started as a seed,

And at first was mistaken for a weed.

It felt so very small,

But always stood up tall.

When left alone to grow,

Its life energy began to flow.

The earth offered nurturance and love,

And the sun offered light and warmth from above.

The rain gave it nourishment,

As the wind offered encouragement.

All these combined to create a life force,

And then the circle of life simply took its course.

And then one day its strength and life burst forth with such might,

Its splendor and beauty beheld such a sight.

Then it merged with the earth and they became one,

It reflected the light and warmth back to the sun.

Its leaves gave the rain and wind a voice,

Together they had all made a choice.

They had joined together and turned the seed into a beautiful tree,

And it was indeed a breathtaking sight to see.

For as they all joined together as one,

They had created a harmony that could not be undone by anyone.

So if ever you feel weak and small,

Or feel like you’re about to fall,

Look around you and you will see

The strength and beauty of this tree.

Believe in yourself and don’t give up,

And realize that you’ve just hit a bump.

Stop and just simply be,

Find your life energy and set it free.

Then stand up to what you fear,

And pull your loved ones near.

There is more to this life than just you and me,

There is more than what you simply see.

Open yourself up and feel the power,

That exists even in the smallest flower.

And you will find the strength to stand up tall,

And no longer be afraid you’ll fall.

For within us all lies beauty, strength and light,

That you don’t find just with your sight.

Open yourself up and join as one,

And let your guide be the sun.

Don’t think about tomorrow,

Be true to yourself and it will follow.

Think of the seed that turned into a beautiful tree,

And let your spirit soar free.

And you will feel yourself straighten and stand up tall,

And never again will you feel small.

Remember it all started with a seed,

That once was mistaken for a weed.

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  • Interesting. This took me way back to the days when I was in my mother’s womb. I started as a seed and I blossomed!! When I allow myself to join as ONE, only then do I stop thinking of tomorrow and follow the SUN. Thank you so much Michelle and LETS FOLLOW THE SUN and forget tomorrows

  • Angelic

    Beautiful, I love the visual and light it portrayed in my mind’s eye. Simple yet powerful 🙂

    • So glad you loved it as well! Carlene will be thrilled to hear. Thank you for sharing!