Heart Tugs

12.02.2016 in Self Talk, self-care

While I continue to put energy toward the growth, passion, and desires within my relationship with my husband, the tuggings from my heart have been toward entirely different areas of my life recently. This is often the case, when certain areas of your life are…

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Making Time

15.04.2014 in Retreats, self-care

We are all under the same time constraints of 24 hours each day right? Some of those 24 hours you may feel swamped. Some of those 24 hours may have you whittling your time away. What I know is how easy it is for time…

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I’m Afraid I’m Jaded

28.02.2014 in Featured, Relationships, self-care

At one point in your life, I am sure you have felt jaded NAME haven’t you? It could have been about money, love, food, or even around getting support. You only become jaded after experiencing a wound, sometimes repeatedly, in the same area of your…

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The Gifts in Getting Sick

05.12.2013 in personal development, self-care

It has been years since I’ve gotten sick. I’m talking wiped out, laying in bed sick for days with a high fever, chills, cough sick. I gotta tell you, I forgot how rough being ill is, especially when I thought “I’m healthy. I don’t get…

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