I’m Grateful but….

13 Nov 2018, by michelle in Gratitude, personal development, Raw Emotions, Self Talk, Well-Being

If you can make it past the Christmas decorations, you’ll see in stores that Thanksgiving is near reminding us to be grateful.

Now I know you enough to recognize you are someone who counts your blessings. And I encourage you to squeeze every bit of gratitude out each day and each glorious moment you have.

Here’s what I also want to acknowledge….that a part of you, a times, might also have a “but” after the gratitude you express.

Like….”I am grateful for X,Y, & Z but… I wish another part of my life was different.”

Hey, this is completely normal and I’ll say even good for you. Here’s why:

First, it’s too easy to shame the part of you that wants more out of life. It’s an old story from the good girl/guy syndrome that tells you to be grateful for all you have and that you should want nothing else.

Second, it’s good to want more for yourself. In fact, I believe that is what your negative emotions are constantly trying to support you to have…. MORE of life and what lights you up be that:
a happy relationship,
a fulfilling career,
greater peace within yourself, your family, the world or
….whatever that more is for you.

Treasure it.

Your “but” is your breadcrumb to guide you to where life wants to lead you next.

For me my but is… “but I want to know what’s next in my life.”

Quite frankly, I can be a brat about not knowing what’s next. It’s what the ego loves, loves, looooves to do is put conditions on our happiness.

I believe this is the journey…to retain gratitude while having your “but.” In doing so, you’ll find that inner muscle that requires to trust in yourself and life is strengthened as you lean on the knowingness that your “but” IS leading you.

Right now, I’m turning my “but” into the BEST surprise gift that WILL turn up. Not haphazardly either….it will be by trusting in the breadcrumbs received and being willing to take that step forward because you are worth it!

And here’s the deal, sometimes those breadcrumbs WILL be your negative feelings. Those negative emotions are packed with insight, clarity, and energy to propel you in directions your rational mind would never dare go.

I’m not talking about the sideways behaviors that come from the fear within you. I’m talking about the empowered guidance that is awakened in each emotion you feel and is awaiting for you to listen to and act from.

So as we step into this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to be grateful for all that you have already received from life as well as be grateful for your “but” that is guiding you to receive even more of the beauty that life is ready to offer you.

With love, appreciation and gratitude for you…

PS: If you want help overcoming the “but” that’s been a challenge in your life, I can help. My coaching specializes in you learning to be your own guide by listening to the empowered guidance of your negative feelings. What that does is build self-trust, confidence & so much more! Interested? Fill out my confidential form:


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