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Creating Lasting Balance

17.09.2013 in Uncategorized, Video

Ready for even deeper balance in your life? I’ve got this handy-dandy video that is going to talk to you about an area of your life that you may not be keen on discussing. It’s important to bring up because your shadow relationship to this aspect…

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How to Choose Joy

28.08.2012 in personal development, self-care, Stress

What is joy to you?  Is it going about your day with more lightness and presence?  Is it having daily opportunities to experience belly-laughter?   Most of us tend to carry too much on our shoulders, which takes away from the potential of joy within…

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What to do when your feelings are rejected?

29.09.2009 in Uncategorized

When I work with couples, especially, I see how easily it is for one or both people to feel like his/her feelings have been rejected.  Have you ever felt like you have shared something personal only to find another’s reaction to be less than supportive? …

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