Lost? Here’s why & how to find your way again

11 Jan 2019, by michelle in personal development, Well-Being

It’s the beginning of the new year and maybe you have new vigor & vision for this year.

But what if you don’t?

What if the new year rolled around with a hope of new possibilities but you still feel kinda lost.

Let me get to the quick of this thing about being lost.

You judge it when it happens to you.

You feel there is something wrong with you when you are lost.

And because you feel ashamed about feeling lost, you want to hide.


But I’m telling ya, being lost IS normal.

Your lostness is a part of a typical life cycle that is preparing you for what is next.

The problem is you panic because some aspect of the way life previously operated is amiss.

Don’t worry, I live and breath emotional well-being & resiliency and I still panic too- at first.

But I’ve got a couple things on my side that I’ve used to put an end to the inner chaos & find my way again.  Here they are for you:

#1  You will remain lost only if you refuse to surrender to your lostness by one or more of the following:

  • Pretending you are okay when you aren’t
  • Ignoring how you really feel
  • Escaping your lostness through addictive behavior

I’ve done all the above and trust me, it only keeps you lost longer.

#2 Your negative feelings are the gateway out of the land of the lost.

It seems counter-intuitive that listening to your negative feelings can actually help you.

Initially, for me, listening to how I felt made me feel worse. But that was when I didn’t know that my negative feelings were coming through in order to support me.

For some time, I thought it was my negative feelings that were the problem.

I didn’t know my negative emotions contained wisdom, internal guidance, and love coming through each emotion I felt.

When you are able to surrender to what is, including your negative feelings, that is when you’ll be guided to what is the best next step for you.

Likely, your ego will berate you by telling you that surrendering means you are giving up. Actually, it’s true.

You are giving up showing up in life the same way, while expecting different results, because that’s the definition of insanity.

Work on the two steps above, and I promise you’ll begin to find your way again.

Want help doing all of the above + rewire your beliefs so they work for you, instead of against you?

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You just need to do the above by January 15th.

Within each of us there is resistance to the life that you are meant to live. It is a part of your growth to be able to overcome the resistance and receive the guidance that will support you to step forward into your desires.

It is also normal to receive support because often times when lost –
You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s what growth is going from not knowing to understanding.

What you do know is if you are yearning for an aspect of your life to work better for you and you are ready for the support to make that shift in your life easier.

Whether with my support or not, your emotions are guiding you to overcome the self-imposed limitations that have kept you lost and are your guiding light back to more of your truth.  I promise!  And with understanding the empowered guidance of your negative emotions, you’ll make that shift much easier on you.

With love,

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