Gratitude = Grace-filled Attitude!

19 Nov 2018, by michelle in Featured, Gratitude, personal development, Well-Being

Since it’s Thanksgiving, I’ve been thinking about gratitude.

In particular, how do you demonstrate gratitude toward yourself.

In case you are thinking that being grateful for yourself is a bit self-absorbed, I promise it isn’t.

In fact, by learning to acknowledge yourself, you become even more compassionate and grateful towards others. Plus, learning greater self-acknowledgment will also give you a leg up when dealing with any drama that may rear up over the holidays.

Where I invite you to go with self-acknowledgement today is toward your younger self.

You know that you that had to navigate some crazy dynamics: your parents, siblings, extended family, other kids your age, older kids, school, teachers, coaches, etc..

You’ve traversed health, financial, &/or relationship challenges.

You’ve gone through the mix of experiencing intentional cruelty, unintentional harm, and moments of being uplifted, seen, and celebrated by others.

That younger, inexperienced you found a way to navigate your way through the above and more, while ultimately remaining open toward life.

So I’m inviting you to be grateful for the likely ungraceful (if you are like me) ways you learned that challenged you to grow.

Because it’s through those ungraceful moments that you learned grace. This grace you have gained has afforded you the gift of moving through life with less effort-ing and greater ease. That my friend is no small feat!

So should holiday bickering arise or toes get unintentionally stepped on – recall this resilient you that DOES know how to navigate through challenges, unfairness, and wrongs.

Remember those times she/he felt both strong and compassionate and invite even more grace to step into your life and into this situation.

Be grateful for the wisdom you have gained throughout the years and trust the empowered guidance coming through your emotions to navigate you forward.

This is how you turn your gratitude into an attitude of living thankfully for the grace you have and will continue to receive.

With love & gratitude for you,


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