I’m Afraid I’m Jaded

28.02.2014 in Featured, Relationships, self-care

At one point in your life, I am sure you have felt jaded NAME haven’t you? It could have been about money, love, food, or even around getting support. You only become jaded after experiencing a wound, sometimes repeatedly, in the same area of your…

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The Unspoken Epidemic

07.02.2014 in Featured, Relationships

Being a part of this community, I know you’re someone who is committed to creating a fulfilling personal journey. While you’re growing and excited about the path you’re on, I’m curious – do you sometimes worry your romantic relationship won’t be able to catch up?…

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How to Approach a Complaint from LOVE!

08.11.2012 in Featured, personal development, Stress

Whenever we complain, it is because we are experiencing a level of dissatisfaction about a situation.  Our sense of dissatisfaction occurs when a situation is creating stress, complications, or problems.  Through complaining, we are hoping to be heard and ultimately to address a deeper, unconscious…

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