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Three words changed my life twice in one day.
The first three words were “I’m a FRAUD!

That was 2005, the year of my emotional and spiritual breakdown. Here I was a psychotherapist and life coach, living a really nice life – loving husband, three healthy kids, nice neighborhood. You get the idea.

I had moments when I felt truly happy.

Yet, I would also have times when I felt sad, anxious, jealous, guilty – you name it and I had no idea why.

My reaction was “How dare I feel this way! My life is good. So many other people have it much worse. Why can’t I just be grateful for what I have? Why can’t I just be happy? What’s wrong with me?”

Right then and there I decided the sham was up. I can’t continue to give people advice when it comes to their life if I have no idea why I feel the way I do.

After a meltdown (swearing, crying, mascara running down my face due to the fact that I have spent so much time energy and money learning about our emotions but still didn’t “get” them), the next three words that changed my life were spoken.



That is when I decided I was going to walk away from my work as a psychotherapist and life coach for good. I surrendered and asked for guidance as to what I should do next. What I knew for sure is that I was no longer going to give others support in an area that I could not understand for myself.

What happened after that is even difficult for me to explain.  I began waking up at 4:30 am for nine months straight to write.  As I wrote, a different understanding of our emotional well-being came through my fingers and out onto the computer.  What I was guided to write about was the purpose to why we feel the way we do and this purpose was nothing I was taught or read about before.

What I learned was that how we currently understand our negative feelings is unconsciously based on our ego and fears. I was guided to see through a whole new perspective how our each of our negative feelings have specific, loving messages to ease our way.

Rather than continue to perceive negative feelings and fears as stones on our path that we have to work to get rid of or navigate around, I now recognized how they were there to support us. All we had to do was learn to “read” these “emotional stones” from the empowered language of love rather than disempowering fear and these same negative feelings became navigational tools to support us on our path!


I now teach this empowered emotional approach all over the globe to:

My sincere hope is this life-changing process that has positively impacted myself as well as thousands of others supports you day by day, moment by moment, and emotion by emotion.



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