personal development

What’s Getting In Your Way?

28.03.2014 in personal development

Your inner glass ceiling is the story inside of you that gets in the way of you claiming your ideal in any area of your life. Your Inner Glass Ceiling causes: Self-Sabotage Distraction Procrastination Not Following Through Giving Up Sound familiar? Tell me about it!…

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Ready to THRIVE & SERVE?

22.03.2014 in personal development

When was the last time you sat yourself down and recognized the MAGNITUDE of who YOU are here to be and the impact you are here to create? With all the different components of your life that you are managing, you face great demands that…

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One Word That Stops You

14.03.2014 in personal development, Self Talk

Did you happen to catch that there is a new effort to ban the word bossy. Spearheading this is Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In. The reason this caught my attention is because what this movement is showing is how one…

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The Gifts in Getting Sick

05.12.2013 in personal development, self-care

It has been years since I’ve gotten sick. I’m talking wiped out, laying in bed sick for days with a high fever, chills, cough sick. I gotta tell you, I forgot how rough being ill is, especially when I thought “I’m healthy. I don’t get…

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