Are You Heeding Your Internal Calling?

08 Mar 2014, by michelle in personal development, Relationships, self-care, Stress, Uncategorized

Okay, here is proof of what a geek I am.  I altered my favorite quote to put on a t-shirt.  The original quote is: “Well-behaved women rarely make history” by  Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.  (Apparently, misbehaved women don’t iron either.)  🙂


The reason that quote resonates so deeply with me is because I am committed to listening to my emotions.  What I know without a doubt, whether man or woman, your emotions are there to stretch you.

Your emotions are willing to make you extremely uncomfortable in order that you become willing to listen to your Inner Wisdom.  To me, there isn’t much that is more loving than having an internal system there to tell us when something is off, especially when we are unwilling to listen.

This March, I have a sense that a lot of you are going to have your emotions calling (or even screaming) at you to make a change.  It can be extremely scary because what you think the issue is may not really be THE ISSUE.

Let me explain, not too long ago, my husband and I were having some intense conversations.  My emotions were coming up strong and I knew something within me was screaming for change.  As blessed as my life was and is, I felt something was missing.


What was coming through my emotions was a strong desire to pick up and go to Bali ALONE for about two years.  Even though I knew this wasn’t my truth (I would miss my husband and kids too much), I knew this feeling had meaning.  This was the erupted volcano of pent up feelings, I didn’t even realize mattered that much to me.

My emotions came in strong and deep to to tell me otherwise.  Change needed to happen because even though the day to day was working well, there was something missing.  We were living too practically in one area of our life, even though in others we were living full out.

Where did we put on the brakes?  It seems too easy, too simple but it boiled down to travel.  We’ve been having lots of adventures within our careers and with our kids, but the exploring type of adventure that I love and crave had been put on hold for too long.

As simple as it sounds, this led to long discussions between my husband and I about our future and our vision together.  We had to go into that fear and (with a big GULP) ask

Do we still want the same things?

In my Art of Sacred Relationships class I talk about the importance of emotional intimacy.  This easier thing to do is to let these “irrational” feelings subside because of how “ridiculous” they may initially sound.  Thankfully, I knew that blowing these feelings off just because they seemed completely off the wall, wasn’t an option.

Through going in there, exploring with some tough questions that we had to ask ourselves and each other as a couple, our answer to each other was a big YES!  I am struck with gratitude that I have this level of intimacy with my emotions, which creates greater intimacy with my spouse, and makes life even juicier!

The beauty of our emotions is that ultimately, it has nothing to do with travel or any other  desire we have.  Any desire in you is there for you to experience more of the truth of who you are.  That is the love coming from every negative feeling you experience!body at beach

Regardless of how filled up your passport may or may not be, I invite you to examine if there is any area in your life where you may unconsciously be putting on the brakes.

All you have to ask yourself “What do I want?”

Next invite your emotions forward and ask yourself how important your desire is to you.  Your feelings won’t lie to you.  Even though my feelings of wanting to get away for two years wasn’t really what I wanted, they were still speaking a truth to me.  My emotions needed to take me to an extreme of this yearning to warn what would be ahead should I continue not to allow this part of me to be heard.

Although doing this type of deep dive can be scary, if you attend to those feelings now, you are less likely to have to go through more painful choices down the line.

In the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing with you how you can claim more of your desires using your emotions and so much more.  I can’t wait to share this with you, so please make sure you are checking in often, as I know you won’t want to miss this!

I’ll be in touch next week, but in the meantime,keep me in the loop of what is coming up for you by sharing your comments.

I’ll leave you with this:  When we behave and act like good little girls and boys, we push down a part of our essence that can create a slow death.  The other option, rather than to behave, is to be & have.  Be willing to listen to all aspects of you and have a life that truly stretches you!

I can’t wait to talk further to you about this!

Much Love,

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  • yes i got an idea !!!! to take the summer off work,my job that i have to do. and do the job i love,my other career.
    it felt so right but yes it is scary,but i have to. life is to short and i feel it in my soul to do this.i read all this stuff its time to jump and let the net catch me,i will be is about are spirit,longing for some thing that are ego is to scared to do.i can;t wait,!!!

  • Suzanne Bainbridge

    Hi Michelle,

    I completely agree with you! I know that we need to make some changes in our lives and I do feel change is coming. I can relate to dropping everything and moving to Bali! I miss opportunities to travel and have adventures in other places, too. I, coincidentally saw a bumper sticker in Grafton on Friday with the saying “behaved women rarely make history” It made for a good laugh!! (think it said rarely, not never). Talk with you soon : )