What It Means If You Haven’t Always Belonged

04 Jun 2013, by michelle in personal development, Uncategorized

When I was young, I remember having a sense of not completely belonging. There was just aspects about what I was being taught about the world that seemed strange to me and, honestly, didn’t make sense. But I was told these were the rules on how the world worked.

Square Peg in the Round HoleUnfortunately, I found ways to try to make my square peg self fit into the round hole. Of course, I never truly fit in. I only found ways to try to blend in and belong.

Those aspects of myself that seemed weird, off, or just too complicated for the rest of society were stuffed away somewhere deep within me. My thought was without these aspects being so apparently a part of me, I would finally fit in. I thought that is when I’ll feel the sense of love, joy, and belonging I always wanted.

Did this strategy work??

NOPE! Of course, it couldn’t. My uniqueness – the part in each of us that makes us RADIATE – remained hidden.

It has been quite the journey to recover these aspects of myself. What I learned along the way is that if you’ve ever felt you were different, unique, special, off-the-wall, too much, too sensitive, or any combination of the aforementioned, you have the tendency to hide. And even though, there is so much more of you that you now see, accept, and love about yourself, there could very well be deeper aspects that remain unconsciously buried.

hidingThis was the case for myself and every single person I have worked with thus far. There is always more that remained hidden because we’ve learned to unconsciously hold back. That is why, at times. you feel like you are good at creating a fulfilling life and other times, you feel like you’ve got a kink in your internal hose that won’t allow all of your gifts to flow and be seen.

What I realized was that to uncover these unconsciously buried aspects (that are absolutely necessary to create your desires in your reality, as well as feel inner peace and joy), you need a different MO.

It just so happens that the different MO I am talking about is utilizing exactly what the norm has told us to reject – our feelings, especially our negative ones. But there is so much conditioning about how negative emotions are weak or block you. The reality is it is the rejection of negative feelings that keeps you blocked. Your negative feelings are simply a microcosm of the aspects of yourself that you believe keep you from having your desires met.

Now I don’t expect you to be able to undo this conditioning automatically. It took me years of clinical training, personal work, and spiritual intervention for me to do so. All of which occurred in order for me to teach you to know how to deeply belong within yourself so you can continue to step into your highest version of self and truth .

As you can guess, this is no small task, but one that I personally love to guide people through because the changes experienced are so freakin’ rewarding!

If you are ready to re-condition yourself to experience every aspect of yourself as love, especially those aspects of yourself you didn’t even know you were judging, shaming, or hiding, then I would like to invite you to my Big Breakthrough Forum.

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As a part of the Big Breakthrough Forum, you and I will gather twice a month, along with a few other like-minded members. The whole point of this forum is to remain intimate in order for you to have personal time with me to unravel where aspects of the real you remain hidden or not in full expression.
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  • Judy G

    Hi All. Its very interesting. I have always wanted to live my own life with neither comparisons nor recommendations from others. The societal guidance has landed many independent thinkers into difficult endings. Incidentally, am usually misunderstood by all and it can really be lonely. When I read this, i felt very encouraged. Strange enough, av never cowed because am either thinking or making different decisions from others. I must confess this has landed me, at times in difficult endings but, me being who I am, I forge ahead and thank goodness, there are many like me. REMEMBER am not stubborn. I just feel those who decided on how we should act and think were people like me and lived their life well. Have a well lived day. – Judy

    • Hi Judy, I honor you for holding onto your truth. It is common for those independent thinkers to feel misunderstood but that is also a trapping of our ego. Your like-minded people are out there and your Essence is guiding you to take leaps to come together with them now. So happy you have found this community!