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How to Approach a Complaint from LOVE!

08.11.2012 in Featured, personal development, Stress

Whenever we complain, it is because we are experiencing a level of dissatisfaction about a situation.  Our sense of dissatisfaction occurs when a situation is creating stress, complications, or problems.  Through complaining, we are hoping to be heard and ultimately to address a deeper, unconscious…

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The Soulful Impact of 9/11

11.09.2012 in personal development

The pain and horror of Sept 11, 2001 still resides within our psyche because the actions did not honor human life.  This indiscriminate loss of life was based upon fear – fear of loss of power, fear of loss of control, and fear of not…

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How to Choose Joy

28.08.2012 in personal development, self-care, Stress

What is joy to you?  Is it going about your day with more lightness and presence?  Is it having daily opportunities to experience belly-laughter?   Most of us tend to carry too much on our shoulders, which takes away from the potential of joy within…

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Are You a Giver or Receiver?

20.06.2012 in personal development, self-care

Happy Summer Solstice! Many of us fall into giving of ourselves day in and out.  The summer solstice reminds us that we are to open our arms, hearts and souls to receive.  Receive and take in the light and the beauty that surrounds you and…

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