Are You a Giver or Receiver?

20 Jun 2012, by michelle in personal development, self-care

Happy Summer Solstice!

Many of us fall into giving of ourselves day in and out.  The summer solstice reminds us that we are to open our arms, hearts and souls to receive.  Receive and take in the light and the beauty that surrounds you and that is within you.

The increased light beckons us outside.  You naturally yearn to play more, relax and have fun!  The summer solstice and the light of the sun is calling us to nurture our souls.

At the same time, there is a paradox to the summer solstice, because the length of sunlight will continue to diminish after this day.  This is to remind us our time to receive the deep soul nourishment is NOW.

I know nowadays society keeps us constantly going and giving.  My new book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies is due out early this fall.  I am still working.  Yet, the summer solstice is my reminder to pull the reigns so I can take in rather than continue to give out.

You’ve heard the phrase “lazy days of summer” right?  Can you allow yourself that treat to be lazy?  It can be a challenge when there is such a negative connotation to that word?  We’ve learned to instead box ourselves off in air conditioning so we can still remain productive.

These “lazy” days of summer are your opportunity to refuel to support you to serve at your highest level.  Allow yourself to be passive – yes passive!

I know the word passive may give some of you the heebie-jeebies because we are so used to being the ones that do, give and make things happen.  Yet, how are you to become a good receiver if you don’t learn to allow your needs to be met outside of you.  Being a receiver, you hold the space to attract, allowing your needs to come to you.

There is a balance we need between giving and receiving.  Most of us tend to lean toward doing a lot of giving. Yet women are natural receivers.  Allow the summer solstice to let go of the illusion of control of your ego’s incessant need to get everything done.  Soon enough fall will be here, the days grow darker, and you will again feel a natural drive to put out more energy.

This summer can you let go a little bit more and still trust your needs will be met?  When in doubt, look up to the sun, open your arms wide, feel your heart open and allow the distractions of the physical world to release.  Witness the ego attachment dissolve and reunite with the joy within your soul.

Your soul is waiting for your permission to say YES to the the fullest, brightest version of you – that’s what the summer solstice reminds us is naturally available not thru doing but being!

So how about it?  How are you going to say YES to your being even more than last summer?  Let’s hear it and inspire others with your sharing!

With Bright Blessings,


  • Mercedes Gallagher

    Perfect reminder for me. Usually, I am pretty good at letting go during the summer months, but this year, I find myself feeling rushed. Recently, I started taking really long walks along the river near my home. It’s not a hurried, get-my-exercise-in kind of power walk, but a real down to earth leisurely walk. The kind you see in elderly couples. I was inspired by my recent trip to San Francisco. We walked everywhere. Although we had access to a vehicle, we opted not to lose our primo parking spot whenever possible. When I returned to Milwaukee, I actually craved the outdoors and the walks. That’s how it all started. Suddenly, I found myself heading out for my daily walks but not in the same way as before. I was no longer driving my car to the river to take a walk. I was walking there. And, honestly, it felt a bit daunting and the thought of carving out an hour and a half for a walk made me squirm inside. Of course, it was worth it! Those walks became part of my daily rhythm. Until, just lately, I found myself getting busy again and making no time for my ritual. My walks turned into tiny spurts of fitness exercise. Then I found your article in my inbox and all of the excuses I had were deflated. Thanks for the oxymoron. I will get busy relaxing.

    • What a beautiful story Mercedes! Thank you for sharing. Just how you describe your walks sounds delicious. So glad to hear the excuse are gone and you are allowing your feminine energy to guide you back to your natural rhythm!