The Soulful Impact of 9/11

11 Sep 2012, by michelle in personal development

The pain and horror of Sept 11, 2001 still resides within our psyche because the actions did not honor human life.  This indiscriminate loss of life was based upon fear – fear of loss of power, fear of loss of control, and fear of not being heard or seen, just to name a few.  Although this act of terrorism caused horrific pain and suffering, there was another unexpected outcome that would result.

The unexpected outcome was that the heart of humanity opened even wider on that day.  We were touched at our core, which made us respond more deeply from love to one another.  Simply put, we became even more fully connected, as we felt for one another, bridging all social divisions.

While we will not forget the tragedy that occurred 11 years ago today, let us also not forget the unity that occurred as well.  The unity reminds us of the core level of relating to one another that is possible when our own fears and judgments are not in the way.

Do you remember how much love was pouring out of you for your family and friends?  Do you remember how strangers didn’t feel so distant or disconnected from you?  Do you remember how trivial other aspects of your life seemed?

You knew on that day how nonsensical it was to hold onto a grudge any longer, no matter how right you felt you were.  You stopped being so hard on yourself because you saw the fragility and gift of life.  You began to question how you could make a bigger difference in the world.

In other words, you lived from your soul.

Eleven years later, are you still living at that deep level of connection with others, living at your fullest purpose and celebrating life?

If you are like me, you have moments when you are living aligned with your true, authentic, spiritual self.  You also have plenty of moments were you get caught up in the demands of work, or relational dramas in your life.

Here’s the good news: when you do get off your spiritual path, you have an innate system alarming you.  This system is otherwise known as your negative feelings.

In the past, we have judged our negative emotions, as bad, weak, wrong, or annoying.  Little did you know that when you had this judgment against how you felt, you were creating a chasm between yourself and your inner wisdom.  Little did you know you were responding from fear.

When you respond from fear within yourself, you are bound to unconsciously respond to others from fear as well.  Your fear shows up as judgments, blame and criticalness.

One major example of this is how divided the US political system is.  Do your political views reflect anger and frustration coming from your ego?

Here’s the test:

Can you see the other party you aren’t affiliated with as one in the same as you?  Are they or are they not just as caring and concerned as you?  Can your soul self accept that another’s cares and concerns (although different) also comes from love, just as your cares and concerns do?

Did I hit a nerve asking you those questions?  If so, that is good information because that nerve is your ego.  Your ego is where your unconscious fears remain hidden from you, yet get played out in the world.

Your negative feelings, when understood from love rather than fear, is what allows you to wake up to your unconscious fears.  Being able to recognize where your fear exists allows you to see where love is ready to expand within you.

Negative feelings challenge each of us to awaken to more of our truth and love,

while the ego wants you to stay safe feeling right.

Until we can approach each other from the same level of respect, NOTHING and NO-THING will change.  Yet to respect one another, you must first respect yourself.  In other words, in order to unify the whole, you must first unify the self.

Self-unification begins by reclaiming what has been shamed, considered weak or wrong and recognizing how it is meant to support you to claim more love from within yourself.  When you are able to recognize the love emanating from within you at this level, you will see the same love in others even when they are buying into the illusion of separation, judgment and blame.  And from this perspective of love, you can be a true agent of change: whether that is within your marriage, family, friends, community, nation or world.

Sept 11th is a day that reminds us how insidious fear can be.  It is each our individual responsibility to become aware of our fears, even (and especially) when it is challenging to do so.  With this awareness, you gain choice, the choice of love.

By love, let me explain what I mean.  “This truth-filled love isn’t about telling you what you want to hear, or making you falsely believe that everything will be just dandy regardless of how you do or don’t act….Neither saccharine nor mean-spirited, the guidance you receive from this higher consciousness is wholly loving, yet clear and straight to the point regarding how you are being called to respond to your life.” (From F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love, Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies).

We are each being called to relearn how to live on and with the Earth.  To do so, we must “reawaken our feminine emotional awareness so we can communicate with the higher octaves of reality.” (From Last Cry – Native American Prophesies & Tales of the End Times). Feminine emotional awareness is the shift from pushing against to receiving our feelings and their innate gifts.

Let this day be an awakening as to why it is integral to recognize where fears exists so we can make conscious effort to instead live with more love.  Only when we can make this internal shift back to love, unity and peace, will the same be reflected in our world.

Live Fearlessly – Chose Love,


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