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15 Jun 2012, by michelle in Featured, personal development, self-care, Stress

Remember at the beginning of the year how I said 2012 was a year of letting go?  How is that going for you thus far?  Are you experiencing some emotional depths as well as the highs?

If you are in the process of transformation – your answer is a resounding yes!  Emotional highs and lows is what transformation feels like.  Your emotions bring you head on with your fears in order for you to make a profound choice.   Are you going to stay in the safety of who you are right now or are you going to share more of yourself in love.

Let me be clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with where you are.  You don’t need to “strive” to be anything more than who you authentically are.  The emotions you experience are there to support you to do just that, experience your true self emanating the love that naturally comes within you.  In other words, your negative feelings are your natural indicator telling you there is more love within you ready to be experienced, felt and seen.

You see, there comes a point when the love within you cannot bear to stay trapped inside any longer.  It must come out and be expressed more fully.  This shows up as negative feelings challenging you with your career, relationships, money, health, you name it – ALL SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE MORE OF THE LOVE THAT IS WITHIN YOU!

To experience more of the love within you, you have to be awoken to when you are unconsciously responding from a place of fear.  That is what your negative feelings are there for – to support you to recognize when you are responding from fear rather than love.

Your authentic essence is signaling to you through your negative feelings, saying: “Come on, you are ready to experience more of the love within you.  I know it is scary to let go of this illusion of safety your fear brings.  Trust me, how good you will feel in the long-term, when you feel more clear and certain about the unique expression of the love that resides within you.”

I know change and letting go of old patterns, beliefs and thoughts can be tough.  It can be tough to switch from struggling with your negative emotions to actually recognizing the loving energy coming through them.  Yet what choice do we really have?  All we really have to choose from is love over fear as much as possible.

Sometimes I choose fear.  Thanks to my negative feelings, I don’t stay there too long.  My negative feelings remind me that in choosing fear, how uncomfortable and painful it is.

So how do you choose love when you are wrapped up in your own fears?

You remember this challenge you are experiencing isn’t really about you on a spiritual level.  This challenge is about you being able to impact others with your unique expression of love – an expression that can only come from you.  More importantly, your unique expression of love is NEEDED by others, whether that is your family, the company you work for, your community.  The point is you don’t know who your love will touch, nor do you need to know.  You are just being called to share more of it each and every time you experience a negative feeling.

You being your unique expression of love isn’t about being lovey-dovey per-say.  All it is about is getting clearer about who you truly are, what you came here to do and you valuing this deepest truth so it more fully solidifies within you.  When your knowingness of the love within you is unwavering, you feel free.

With love for you as you open yourself up to the amazing love within you-


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  • Mary Lauck

    Your post today could not have come at a better time. I had an extremely negative experience in a weekly discussion group i am part of every Friday morning. I left before I started crying. Getting home and reading this is exactly what I needed to work through the negative emotions. Thank you for the wisdom that they have arrived for a purpose in my transformation process.

    • I am so glad the post came in time for your negative feelings to serve you rather than hinder you Mary! Thank you for sharing your process. I am so thrilled you are able to see the wisdom coming through them! With love and appreciation – Michelle

  • Thank you for the message reminding of the love within us. I view the transformations all around with amazement and pleasure… Everything seems to be evolving for the better at a faster and faster rate. The wettest summer in the UK, cleansing the earth….. helping the trees and love to grow in total abundance…The wind, playing the sweetest of melodies with the leaves and branches… All the senses are heightened, pleased, and even man is beautiful, their light shining through. I see people and think, how astonishingly beautiful… perfect…
    As for negative emotions, if you catch them as they rise, then they have no power over you. It is simply about being aware.
    I am greateful for over 7 billion people, the trees that give us life and the animal kingdom.
    God’s in his heaven and all’s well with the world…( I quote)

    • Yes Uparima – there is so much beauty in the world and glad you are seeing so much of life through the eyes of love. Negative feelings are also an aspect of love. They just need to be understood as serving rather than hindering us and they too will take you deeper in love. Thank you for sharing!

  • Judy G

    First and foremost, I must say this is helpful to me. Secondly, am one who, in the past fought with negative feelings having learnt that, only positive thought should come from within me. Instead of recognising negative as a helper, I “desperately” abandoned and kind of distanced myself with them. Having learnt that they are a friend, I embrace them and “talk” to them, requesting them to really display the lesson they have come to teach me. I have experienced beautiful moments with myself and all around me especially the family and those I work closely with. Doors open without an effort because what people read is love and relaxation rather than doubt, anger and tension. Have a wonderful day Michelle.

    • You’ve got this down Judy! Your negative feelings are here to always serve you to stay on your path. So glad to hear you are listening via the ears of love rather than fear!
      With love and appreciation for you – Michelle