Sadness to Vibrancy?

09 Oct 2012, by michelle in Newsletter, personal development, self-care, Stress
Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  There is so much vibrancy of colors where I live that you can’t help but immediately feel emotionally picked up by the beautiful surroundings.  The cool, crisp air reminds you that change is in the air.  You can’t help but feel held by the radiance of the earth at her peak!
I feel extra lucky to have my birthday in October and this year I felt like I was treated to an extra dose of love.  It wasn’t one thing in particular that made it special.  It was things falling together and me being able to experience the collective energy of it all.  The day before my birthday, I just so happened to get together with my “TYMBA” friends.  On my birthday morning, I was surprised by streamers, balloons, a special place-mat & flowers (see pic in blog), all created by my kids and husband.  There were oodles of messages, a lingering lunch at my favorite tea-room with one of my soul sisters, and an evening of raggae dancing! What fun I had and how extremely blessed I felt!!
What struck me the most was that it wasn’t one person who made the day special.  It was the collective.  These are the little things you do that make the world a better place for others.  These are what makes the world so vibrant.  Maybe that is why Fall is such a special time of year, because we are celebrating the abunance of the collective.  It is not one leaf that creates a tree to radiate, it is the collective of all the leaves that creates a breath-taking view, that awes, and inspires.
The trees and their leaves, as far as I know, don’t realize what they are doing, they are just doing their thing.  The same goes for you.  You just being you and sharing how you are guided to share of yourself is a treasure to those around you. And when rough moments occur, as they did for me earlier this month, know that it is a signal for more of your vibrancy to come through you.
When you feel down, the last thing you are feeling is vibrant. Yet, could it be that your negative feelings are leading you to more of your radiance? Find out what one simple question you can ask yourself that will shift you from feeling weighed down to shining from the inside-out!  Come find more of your inner radiance in the unexpected here:
Now let me introduce to you my sad self.  Usually, I actually like her.  She slows me down and isn’t so hyper, which I admire about her.  This time, my sadness was more challenging.  Still, I wanted to receive the sadness, even though there wasn’t automatic clarity. The clarity, I knew, was forthcoming.  You can see my sad self here:
Negative feelings happen to us all.  Now you have a choice to use them to serve you.  I hope this inspires you to see the love and potential for vibrancy in those uncomfortable emotional moments.  Like all moments, it too will pass, just make sure after it passes, you have grown and evolved!
Living fearlessly in Love Together,
  • K Crane

    Thank you Michelle for sharing the inspiration you felt from the trees. I have heard too that during stressful times, tress put their roots down deeper, and are more vibrant. I too think that is true for humans…. a vibrancy is the outcome of challenge, although it may not be right away. I also loved your last tip asking us to ask ourselves what the current challenge or experience is supposed to teach us. I love that intentional pausing and reflecting on an experience….what a great tool to better cope with challenge. I will use that from now on!

    Thank you for your work!

    • You are so right, our vibrancy does come from being able to go deeper within when challenges surface. I am so thrilled the message of F.E.E.L. is speaking to you and you are integrating more of these tools to address challenge from love. So happy for you! Thank you for sharing and your feedback!

  • Maureen

    Thank you so much!
    The example nature’s process of the trees and their vibrance & beauty in spite of what appeared to be a “rough” season, I was able to look back realize that many times, after allowing a “rough” emotion to surface, my body, face and actual physical appearance become more vibrant and beautiful after I have allowed he emotion to move through.
    I am so grateful for this awesome example that inspires me to continue doing this work!

    • Maureen, Thank you so much for sharing. It is so true, we do become more vibrant when emotions flow rather than stagnate. They are present to teach us and I am so happy for you that you are allowing your feelings to do just that! Keep shining!!