What Are You Running From?

13 Feb 2013, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Stress


Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a lot of running. Running from areas in life that cause pain.

Why I bring this up around the Valentine’s Day is because when you run from your pain, you actually are running from GREATER LOVE within yourself, within your relationships, and within your career.

So get ready and take a BIG GULP – because this is about getting real so you can stop running away from areas of your current reality that aren’t working and actually have the ability to do something about them.

Here’s just a taste of what I’ve seen people running from in just the past few weeks:

* Pain about not having the love/career/money/self-confidence you want,
* Hurt of a relationship gone wrong,
* Dissatisfaction of a relationship that appears fine on the surface but isn’t truly meeting your needs,
* Deadening within you because you have lost your true identity trying to meet the needs of everyone else but you,
* Struggles you are having with one of your children or not being able to conceive a child,
* Fear over a health issue and of missing out on expressing all the love that you have in your heart,
* Knowingness that time is passing by and you feel lost and empty within you, and
* Realization that you have so much potential waiting to be seen, yet you can’t seem to fully express your highest self in your current reality.

I’m getting very clear with my intention that I am here to foster change for my community. Rather than just inspire you with what is possible within you, I also need to get real with where you are at to empower you to create change. I am fired up to support you to choose YOU, your full truth, so you can live the life that you carry in your heart.

Let’s Begin:



Step 1: Recognize what pain you are running from in your life.

Here’s a few examples of the way we run:

  • Keep busy, especially by trying to cross off things on a list that keep you distracted from attending to areas that truly need your attention;
  • Ignore your feelings;
  • Convince yourself everything is good when inside you know something is missing but because it is good enough or “not that bad,” you settle;
  • Believe there is nothing you can do about your situation, you’ve tried;
  • Live scattered in thoughts and actions;
  • Work on “making things happen,” when the truth is you are spinning your wheels because you are doing the same ol’ same ol’, yet expecting different results;
  • Give up on yourself as well as your true desires and instead engage in behaviors that feel good in the short-term but ultimately hurt you; and
  • Refrain from getting support because you believe you know enough.

Step 2: Stop running.

It’s time to stop running from yourself. We all do it, especially when we are being called to own and live from more of our truth. Our power is to listen to our negative feelings about our reality so that we actually recognize how we are unconsciously running. Your negative feelings are supporting you to recognize you are trying to avoid your fear. When you try to avoid fear, you cannot access your empowered self. You aren’t centered, you are running. Your empowered self doesn’t run from fear, it receives the wisdom of what you are running from and what you are running from is ultimately you being your highest version of you. (Twisted, I know, but oh so true!)

Step 3: Allow the wisdom of your feelings to guide you to act differently from your norm.

Your negative feelings alert you when you’re in your comfort zone and it is no longer serving you. You need your negative feelings to awaken you when you are staying in your comfort zone because your norm feels safer than the unknown. The loving energy of your negative feelings is present to give you specific guidance and energetic fuel to move you outside the confines of comfort to expose the real you, even (and especially) when doing so scares the $h*T out of you.

This is exactly when you feel your life force again, you start really living, and you stop running from you.

Stop running Valentine & Choose YOU instead!

Holding You in Your Highest,

PS: If step #3 is a challenge for you, I’ve got something that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND – it is so incredible, I can hardly keep a lid on it.  More to come soon!


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