Miracle Making?

19.12.2014 in Relationships, Self Talk, Video

Miracles are all around us, but what I have found is that you are either good at receiving them or you get tripped up. Since December is an amazing month to not only receive miracles but also reflect on where you are at with life…

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Family Frustrations??

09.12.2014 in Relationships

Wow! The week after Thanksgiving was CRAZY! I heard from so many people, who typically feel at peace with themselves, lose their sense of center over the holiday. What happened exactly? They weren’t sure. All of a sudden, even though they have spent years on…

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I’m Afraid I’m Jaded

28.02.2014 in Featured, Relationships, self-care

At one point in your life, I am sure you have felt jaded NAME haven’t you? It could have been about money, love, food, or even around getting support. You only become jaded after experiencing a wound, sometimes repeatedly, in the same area of your…

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Is Your Relationship on Your TO DO List?

18.02.2014 in Relationships

Trust me, I know the drill: Work Kids Health/Exercise Laundry Cleaning Talking Intimately with my Partner?? Here’s the thing: I know you sometimes (or perhaps often) feel run-down and overwhelmed. As Dr. Sara Gottfried says: our new addiction is stress. We know how to keep…

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The Unspoken Epidemic

07.02.2014 in Featured, Relationships

Being a part of this community, I know you’re someone who is committed to creating a fulfilling personal journey. While you’re growing and excited about the path you’re on, I’m curious – do you sometimes worry your romantic relationship won’t be able to catch up?…

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