The Gifts in Getting Sick

05 Dec 2013, by michelle in personal development, self-care

sick womanIt has been years since I’ve gotten sick. I’m talking wiped out, laying in bed sick for days with a high fever, chills, cough sick.

I gotta tell you, I forgot how rough being ill is, especially when I thought “I’m healthy. I don’t get sick. This will last one day max!” What happened was that multiple days came and went and still I was barely moving.

Deep inside, I knew there was a good reason for this illness to be happening. I kept giving thanks to my body for it’s wisdom and waiting to receive what insight would come through for me about what this meant.

What I received were important tweaks to lessons I’ve been learning my whole life. Sometimes, it feels like I understand these lessons and my life feels balanced. Yet when more comes on my plate, I revert back to old ways that do not serve.

Now that the holidays are upon us and there are added tasks on your plate, I figured the reminders I received may also serve you.

Here are the ones that really stuck out:

Unconsciously Limiting Support

I feel pretty fortunate that most of the time, I don’t get overwhelmed. I see what tasks are ahead and make room to get them done. The problem is that in order to get things done, I revert to burning the candle at both ends.

In many areas of my life, I’ve done very well with asking for more support and receiving. Now it’s time to apply receive greater support to my work and hire on more people than I ever had. Rather than step up to receive this level of support, it is easier for me on some level to go back to burning the candle at both ends. Fortunately, my body was wiser and made me stop the insanity and recognize more help is no longer an option, it is a need, if I desire to stay healthy and balanced.

False pride is Insidious

My ego’s LOVES for me to “get things done.” I never say it out loud but when I work extra long days or stay up late finishing laundry, my ego is right there cheering me on saying “Way to go!”

It’s that easy and I’m sucked in again to that false pride in getting things done. Never is my ego there cheering me on for going to bed early and taking care of myself. Sorry ego, but that ain’t love.

Creative Connection

My relationship with my husband is one of my top priorities. Staying connected when a person is constantly coughing makes having intimacy a lot more challenging. A day of feeling the disconnect wasn’t great but then when my illness persisted, I knew we had to find a solution.

Our solution was a sort of reverse spooning, where I laid my forehead on his feet and he laid his forehead on my feet. Kissing each others’ feet felt wonderful and intimate. This physical bonding led to more deeper emotional connection and communication even though we weren’t face to face.

Receiving Greater Support, Letting Go of Ego Pride, and Creative Connection
– It all feels so right!

This is the gift I am giving to myself and I hope you feel inspired to do the same for you. Because even if you are already good at all of the above – what would it be like to be even better at them?

Wishing you a happy & healthy holiday season!

With love,

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  • Judy

    Thanks Michelle. It’s a lesson well learnt and lots of added spices!! Enjoy your holidays. By the way, when am down with the symptoms you stated, I usually take concoctions of boiled ginger bulb, sliced unpeeled lemon and a dash of honey. This is great medicine taken in the morning and last thing in the evening. Always, Judy

  • rakesh

    Nicely said , “False pride is Insidious” and about the “creative connection”.

    Though ego is about ourselves but its survival depends on our image we want to convey to others. We want to look uncompromisingly punctual , and ready to do any project undertaken, so that others perceive us at some superior level, even though it might be compromising our health , relationship etc. Many a times we are aware that doing certain things will tax our time, money and health but still we do it so that we are not seen as weak or incapable.

    Your idea such as kissing each others foot is really a new way of creative connection i learnt. It can be anything which is bit more than just pitiably administration of medicine and three times food.