Untame Your Heart

14 Feb 2012, by michelle in Featured, personal development, self-care

The untamed heart holds no fear.  You are run by passion and intuition.  You let go of control and have an innate trust in yourself.

Wow!  Think about what life would be like if you lived it like that!

I am not saying you must always live with an untamed heart every single moment of your life (although you could).

My question is:

* When was the last time you allowed your untamed heart to be expressed?

* When was the last time you expressed this part of you in your day to day life?

* Do others get to see, taste and feel the bold, wild you?

* Do they get to experience your unbridled power?

I am not just talking about romantic love either.  This wild spirit of yours wants to be expressed in your work, with your friends and family – in all areas of your life.  You have the spirit of a wild horse running within you and so often you are trying to keep it tame.  Why?

The reason why we all unconsciously tame ourselves is because we’ve been programed by our fears.  Fear we will not be loved, liked or accepted should we show this untamed side.

Here’s the cost:

  • Lack of self-trust and confidence
  • Lack of joy and laughter
  • Lack of bold action that initiates much needed change in your life & in the world
  • Lack of true intimacy
  • Lack of passion and purpose

And so much more…

So, how about we change that?

Here’s how:

1 A. Imagine yourself sharing this bold or wild side.

B. What do you fear people will judge about you?  What might you feel ashamed about?

C. Name how that part of you is important, needed and necessary. In other words, how does that part of you serve and support you when expressed from love?

2 A. Image yourself afraid to share your bold or wild side.

B. How do you judge or shame that part of you?

C. Name how that part of you is important, needed and necessary.  In other words, how does that part of you serve and support you when expressed from love?

Every aspect of you is needed and necessary.  You need both sides.  Yet, too often we want to hide in our fears.  At times, this can be okay because that allows others to take care of us.  Of course, being taken care of can feel nice.  Yet, when we stay in our fear too long, we won’t feel good because there is unexpressed potential waiting to be shared.

When you have an untamed heart, you are fearless.  What the world needs from each of us is to become less fearless of ourselves.  In other words, we become brazen – meaning, we don’t carry shame toward ourselves.

Without this shame, you are able to truly lead.  This is what the world is begging for – more who are willing to lead during times when challenges seem impossible to surmount.  Guess what?  To do that, they’ll need the bold & empowered you to step forward.  This is how you can give of yourself and serve fearlessly.  So whadaya say?

There is nothing about you that needs to be shamed.  We are all one, carrying the same fears, questions, doubts and insecurities.  We do this until we find our truth – that we are each love.  To find this truth, you must consciously chose love over fear.

Whenever you feel your love tank can use a little boost, or whenever you need a little self-confidence, choose to express your wild, bold & brazen self.   Each time you do, you step further away from the safe persona you have built and more fully awaken to your joy, beauty and power in revealing all of you!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wild One!

With lots of love from me to you-

  • Jeannette

    Thank you for this article. I am finding this is true, what I find difficult though is my husband and kids do not like this true side of me.

    • Denise

      Maybe they are just surprised by the change in you. I know when I starting embracing a more spiritual practice and coming out of the “spiritual closet” my husband and children (13 yrs. and twin 11 yrs old) would tease me. But a few years later, my husband is embracing the messages just as I am and my children may still tease me, but I also hear them repeating some of it back to each other (or to me sometimes)…I believe it is sinking in for them. I have learned this lesson that Michelle is writing about (and continue to learn it more fully)…you will never be truly happy until you can honestly express yourself!

      • Yeah Denise – so glad you have learned the lesson. I agree, it is one that we are always learning on a deeper and deeper level. Thanks for sharing your story!