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womencircleThe desire to be liked, well-thought of and respected is a common desire in women and men alike.   However, too many of you are likely giving away too much of your energy and yourself in order to have this desire met.  This desire may be consistently present in all areas of your life, or just focused on one area such as with those you interact with at work, your friendships, your intimate partnership/marriage or even random encounters with others.    When this occurs, it means you have an energy leak on your hands that is keeping you away from fully expressing your highest version of you!

Take this quick quiz to determine how much of your energy you give away to be liked and what this means for you.

The following questions should be answered with the following choices:

Often (The majority of the time)

Occasionally (About half the time)

Seldom (Rarely – less than a handful of times a year)

  1. How often do you alter your behavior or words to come across as more likeable or accepted by others?
  2. How often do you worry about what you said after having a conversation with someone?
  3. How often do you feel misunderstood?
  4. How often do you feel a need to self-protect?
  5. How often do you feel concerned about others potentially judging you?
  6. How often do you struggle with remaining present and focused on another when conversing because you feel self-conscious?
  7. How often do you feel apprehensive to share how you really feel?

What your responses mean:

If the majority of your answers were responded with “Often,” this means:

Your energy is subconsciously geared toward fear of your true self rather than self-love, acceptance and approval.  To live your life more freely and at peace, it is time for you to address what you really feel about yourself.  Ask yourself: What are you judging about you?  What aspects of yourself do you not fully understand and therefore hide?  It is time to unravel the shame you carry toward you!

If the majority of your answers were responded with “Occasionally,” this means:

Certain situations are energy leaks for you.  Although you have worked through some blocks in the past, there is still a core aspect that needs your attention and nurturance.  To understand more about your ego block, ask yourself: What types of people or situations trigger your defenses?  What is the sense of lack that you believe in during those moments or situations?  Although you don’t feel completely drained by your energy leaks, it is important for you to find the leak in order to have the internal energy to empower you to be your highest version of you!

If the majority of your answers were responded with “Seldom,” this means:

You are living your life authentically because you have very few times when your energy leaks toward fear.   This means you know and are connected to your inner wisdom and truth very intimately, which is a beautiful way to live!   As a person committed to consciously evolving and growing, you will still encounter fears.  Keep utilizing F.E.E.L: Feel Every Emotion as Love to guide you back to your truth when those occasions happen or you find yourself in an emotional “growth-spurt!”

Additional Optional Recommendations

If the majority of your answers were “Often,” personal support would be a great option for you.  Currently you have core beliefs that are more aligned with your false self rather than your authentic self, which personal support can help you shift.  If you are interested in personal work with me, please fill out my evaluation form and I’ll get back to you shortly.

If the majority of your answers were “Occasionally,” you won’t have energy to give toward your potential, when your energy is being leaked.  Nip your energy leaks in the bud through my F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Home Study Program.  This is the perfect program to support you to pull the blinders away from your ego blocks!

If the majority of your answers were “Seldom,” keep doing what you are doing!  Find continued inspiration through events (both live and virtual) with like-minded people to keep your spirit recharged and energized!

Live Emotionally Conscious – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • I LOVE ME is what I remind myself every morning and every night before I go to sleep and this has continually raised my self esteem to a point of not Wanting To Be Liked. It feels very good to know what comes from within is what people perceive of you NOT what you talk and what front you put for them to notice you. All about me is self confidence irrespective of what the world thinks of ME. Enjoy this feeling with me. Thanks

    • Great affirmation Judy that you shared! It is very true that people perceive your true energy and that cannot be hidden. Thanks for sharing!

  • This little group of 7 questions is great! Organized & to the point.
    My mind went back to gradeschool (I’m 70!) when we would write on our hand to remember important things? I saw myself (in the now with these questions as notes on my hand) in my sessions as a Christian LifeCoach!
    Thanks for the laugh at myself! Laughter is sooooooo good for the soul!
    Keep up the GOOD WORK!
    Love in Christ, C

    • That is great Charline – I love the idea of you writing the 7 questions as notes on your hand! LOL! Thanks for sharing & glad we are connected!