Celebrating the Light!

21 Dec 2011, by michelle in personal development

I had the pure pleasure, on Sunday, watching my kids participate in a Christmas play.  It was so fun seeing them dressed up and sharing their lines with joy and pride!  What was fun about the play was that it had a casual tone, where the story of Christmas was broken down at a level so that even little kids could understand.

Interestingly, what stood out the most in this play was a story of faith.  The type of faith that is required when the guidance you are being given doesn’t make sense to your rational mind.  Then continually finding trust day by day when you don’t know for certain what your future entails.

This process of trust and faith reminds me of what is required of us when we live emotionally conscious.  Your feelings are filled with intuitive wisdom.  Your feelings will give you guidance that may not be the most comfortable step to take.  Often times, the guidance you receive will not make sense to your rational mind.

Living emotionally conscious requires great faith.  At times you probably felt like you were stumbling along in your own darkness.  The point is you kept making steps in the darkness, even though you weren’t exactly sure where it would lead you.  Where this is all leading you, my friend, is back to more of you:

  • Your Gifts
  • Your Truth
  • Your Inner Treasure

Leading you out of this darkness is your light.  Your light is the part of you that wants you to see the gifts to every single part of you.  The light within you is what allows you to recognize how aspects of yourself that your ego rejects are the exact aspects you need to serve the world.  These aspects will simply react differently when they are treated from a place of love rather than fear.

As we now enter into the darkest day of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the light moving forward.  That is why the Winter Solstice is such an honored time of year because we are welcoming in the light, both the light of the sun and the light within you.   The light within you will continue to encourage you to see all aspects of you through love rather than fear.

So whether you light the menorah, wrap up your Christmas tree in lights, or want to honor the sun for bringing forward longer daylight hours, what is clear is that this is a time to celebrate light.  This time of year is a celebration of finding the light in the darkness.  The light is always present to guide you, regardless of how dark it may seem.  Light, like love, always exists.

This holiday, celebrate the light within you and the light within others.  Trust in your light and it will shine even more brightly.  In return, you will be sharing your light with others without even knowing you are doing so.  Naturally you light comes pouring forth simply because you had the courage to have trust and faith.

This holiday season, may you remember:

*You too are a miracle.

*You too are a beacon of light.

*You too are meant to use your love and light to serve the world.

*You too are an instrument of peace and love.


May your light shine brightly in trust, faith and love this holiday season!


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