My Abundant Little Life

08 May 2012, by michelle in Featured, personal development, self-care, Stress, Video

It is so easy nowadays to get triggered with a sense of lack:

– You see people rocking it on Facebook.
– You see reality shows where people are living extraordinary lives.
– You see your own debt.

That is when it is easy to get overwhelmed or feel down.

There is another way!

Let me share with you a little story that just happened so you can see how easy it really is to receive!!

What about you? Are you ready to live (or already living) an abundant little life? Share with me how.

  • Kathy

    ok, heres my gratitude story, We had a heavy rain and we live on a hill and all the gravel from the gutters on the side of the road washed out and was all over the road. I called the township and she kinda laughed me off. So I called a neighbor and she call the township too. (Power in numbers) They drove by that day and came back the nest morning and put heavier rocks in the gutter. Hopefully this might fix the problem for good. I am grateful they came and did this, thank you so much.

    • Yeah Kathy! I am so glad you felt this with gratitude rather than annoyance, anger or frustration – your needs were met – beautiful you saw this and received.

  • Michelle – this was such a great reminder for me to open up to look for the little abundant things. I’m excited to go out on my day today and see what I notice and be ready to receive! Thank you for this inspiring message!

    • Thank you Suzanne for sharing! The abundance truly is all around us and I am so glad you are opening yourself to it – with much love to you!

  • Maria

    Dear Michelle,
    thank you for sharing your story about how grateful you were that your recycle was picked up. I totally agree with you, that we are given these moments of grace and graciousness from life, people, nature, pets all the time but we may overlook them and thus we miss the abundance.

    If we drive on a street that is paved-without pot holes- that is a moment of being grateful for that smooth road. It can be this easy to feel open hearted and see how much life loves us. Love is all around us, we are being taken care of every single moment of every day.

    Great work Michelle for making the video to remind us that we have the power to chose what we see and feel, and for your work – our emotions are our greatest ally.

    • Maria, I couldn’t have said it any better – our emotions are our greatest ally. Through them we find love and gratitude in the smallest aspects of life, including a road without pot holes 🙂 Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  • Joanna

    My abundunt little life is full of granditude. I was working out one day and after the workout I started stretching and just started thanking my body for the wonderful workout, my legs for working, my feet for running, my arms for lifting. If it wasn’t for the health of my body I would not have been able to work out and It felt so good to thank my body parts with love and graditude. Their is truly so much to be thankful for. My life is full of abundunce becasue I love my little life no matter what shows up, I’m ready for the challenge with love, love, love.

    • Yes Joanna – love what you share! Me too I love and appreciate my body from head to toes what it is capable of doing. Beautifully said and love the part you share of being ready for the challenge to love even more. Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Jenny O-R

    Hi Michelle,
    As always, your messages are really great. My thanksgiving story is about a movie my husband and I watched two evenings ago. It was the original movie (not series) or Gidget with Sandra Dee (you may not have heard about her) but the movie came out in the early 60s , but set in the 50s. It was the first movie I watched when we moved to the US from Mexico. Generally it is a story about a 17 year old girl’s first love of a guy and of surfing. I kept thinking last night about the movie and how sweet and innocent she was, how innocent all the characters and society was at that time. It made me sad to think about when I lost my innocence by being betrayed and hurt by my first love, which came late in my life. I felt the need to mourn the loss of my innocence even though it happened a long time ago. Then I thought about the lost innocence of the young people today, and then the loss of the world today. So I felt the need to mourn the loss of innocence for all. I was able to be grateful though, because I also realized that the “gain” after such a loss was greater awareness, consciousness and wisdom, for which I am very grateful. I think it is also reflected in the world in how so many more people are coming to their own awakening and consciousness so I am grateful for that too. It just seemed to be a “moment” for looking back at how things were, the transition point (at least for me), and what has been gained since then. I am grateful for all that and for all other little things too.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you! Many blessings to your and your family!

    • I want to thank you for your comments Jenny.
      I watched that show many years ago as a very young girl and a acouple of times after that. I agree the loss of innocence is a true feeling. I morned over my loss too as a young girl. It wasn’t until I became an older women that I really new what graditude for every experience in my life is. Since I know myself from my heart, I am grateful for every experience past or present. Everything has been bringing me to where I am right now. I am so grateful to be able to feel true graditude for everything and everyone who has come into my life. I now feel so free and abundant, I never thought it would come to me but I feel it and it hasn’t left me. This I am grateful for. I Send you a very Happy Mothers Day.

      • Jacklen, I can tell from your words how much you experienced exactly what Jenny feels – true gratitude for all. Thank you for allowing us to experience that gratitude through you and your story as well.

    • Oh Jenny, what a beautiful story and so healing. Thank you for sharing how to find gratitude even when there is pain or even because there is pain, which then brings greater healing. You are an inspiration!

  • Dianna

    Thanks so much, Michelle, for reminding us that we all have abundant little lives for which we can be genuinely thankful! My abundant little life story happened just last week. My car a/c has been broken since October, and I had been waiting to get it fixed. Then last Tuesday, my car power windows suddenly stopped working, too, so I now had two more major, more urgent car expenses to address. The abundant part came in several ways, 1) the sun roof was still functioning so there was a way to circulate air, 2) the weather had cooled, so the sunroof provided just enough circulation, 3) my usual driving duties were serendipitously reduced that week, 4) I researched online and found out my trusty mechanic of old had expanded his business to include my brand of car, 5) he referred me to an a/c expert who diagnosed and fixed the a/c right away 6) My credit card had been compromised earlier that week, and I had forgotten to ask the a/c expert if he accepted my credit card that was still working before he did the work. He let me pay with all the cash I had and then graciously drove me to the bank while his assistant finished fixing the a/c, so I could pay him in full 7) My original mechanic fixed the windows, for much, much less than the dealer had charged me for a similar service in the past, then topped off my brake fluid and fixed my broken antennae, as extra bonuses, for no extra cost. He kindly explained the various problems and did his very best to save me money, asking which repairs were absolutely necessary. I felt very supported, as you said. What a feeling! Thanks for reminding us to open our hearts to that wonderful daily experience of people watching out for one another.

    • Dianna, I love your story so much because I know some people would have seen aspects of your story as a hassle. Not you, you lived the gift. In doing so, you felt how loved and supported you truly are. I love when people go out of there way to bring such great service and in doing so, make our lives so much easier. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story!