The Real Meaning to Giving More Deeply

11 Jan 2012, by michelle in Newsletter, personal development, self-care, Stress

I woke up this morning with this message “Give more deeply of yourself.”  Immediately, my ego went into over-drive with my victim story.  “What more can I give.  I already have so much going on.  What more do you want from me?”  Thankfully, the loving guidance of my essence came swooping in to remind me that to give more deeply of yourself isn’t the same as doing more!

So the question was, “How could I give more deeply?”  As I took a moment to reflect, I saw how tired I have been now that the holidays are over.  When night comes, I feel wiped out.  I reflected on how some of my silly bedtime rituals of tickle bugs and other important nonsense with the kids have been cut way back.

What I was reminded of was presence.  Maybe you are like me, where you find you have moments of presence and then it slips away. Suddenly you find yourself thinking about what else is on your list of things to do.  Rather than stay in the moment, you find your mind going off into some other place.

Others of you may rarely find presence if you are like I was, an ultimate multi-tasker.  As a parent, I found it challenging not to try to do twenty things at once.  There is so much going on at once that you become good at juggling or sink.  Many of you may feel like that is also the reality of your job as well.  This is where you get addicted to living at a pace that keeps you away from your presence.  Then you find yourself in those rare spare moments that you have, checking your email rather than just being present.

This is why it is important for all of us to ask in each moment “Am I giving deeply of myself?”  In other words, are you fully in the moment?  Are you playing full out in the everyday components of life?

Don’t forget about yourself either.  Are you giving deeply to yourself as well?  Are you listening to your needs?  Are you listening to your feelings and how they are loving guiding you?  This is where many fall short.  You simply aren’t willing to give yourself this loving attention because your ego had you believe there is too much other components to your life that need your attention.  What you are really saying to yourself is that your needs are not that important.

Now ask yourself this, if your needs aren’t that important, can you really be present?  You can’t. If you can’t be present, you really can’t truly give of yourself as you desire. Your needs are going to find some way to be addressed, unconsciously or consciously.  If your needs must find an unconscious way to be met, you will find your efforts being sabotaged.

This is part of the transformation that is occurring this year, to let go of old habits that keep us away from living more fully connected to ourselves.  You give more deeply when you are fully present with yourself first.  Being present with yourself is what allows you to be fully present with others.  This is how we truly and deeply connect.  It is through present connection that you tend to find the fun just by truly being where you are.

You have so many gifts and so much love to give!  Allow your emotions to guide you back to your truth. Your truth has huge plans for you!  What you are hearing allows you more fully understand your essence, which in turn, supports you to truly share of yourself.  You can be more open, more exposed, and more vulnerable.  In doing so, you will find yourself more deeply able to give in ways that bring you the joy and fulfillment your heart craves!

Here’s to you giving of yourself more deeply!  Please share the ways that arise within you to share of yourself in this loving and generous way below.  By giving of yourself through sharing, your heart may inspire another to give more deeply in the same way!

With love and appreciation for your giving heart –


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