What Does Generosity of Spirit Look Like to You?

01 Dec 2009, by michelle in Featured, personal development, self-care

The holidays are the time of year when you naturally feel more inclined to be generous.  You want to share your gratitude for all that you have been given, as well as a sense of love and appreciation for those you care about.  A huge message I keep getting over and over is about being generous but not in the typical buy presents kind-of-way. 

Presents are great and fun to receive.  Yet, there is something a little extra special to giving of yourself in a way that touches your heart because the giving authentically came from you.  I’ve been asking myself what are those little extra doses of generosity that I can give out.  Sometimes money is involved, sometimes it is not.  What I like about the generosity of spirit behind the giving is that often times, only I will know or that the giving is uniquely between me and another. 


In asking myself “How can I share of myself and my resources in a way that stretches me a little bit more?,” I have found two great gifts.    The first gift is a deeper level of trust and knowingness that I can give of myself in ways that my rational mind would tell me I cannot.  For me, this means such an intense demonstration of how loved and cared for I am by God. 

The second gift is realizing that this generosity of spirit also applies to me.  In other words, how can you be generous in spirit to you?  When you remember you are not only supposed to be generous to others but also to yourself, you will feel that deepening of love and faith that the holidays are truly about. 

Here is to you creating a generous and blessed holiday season!

With Faith and Love,


PS:  Would you mind being generous with your ideas by sharing what generosity of spirit looks like to you?  Add your comment and let’s share with one another simple ways to be generous to each other and yourself, as we end this calendar year.

  • Hello Michelle,

    For me generosity of spirit means making time. We live in such a busy world, being there for myself and for others is what fulfils my spirit. There can be no greater gift or reward than giving of yourself to another from your heart.

    Whether it’s acknowledging, listening, responding, sharing a laugh or a hardship or just sitting with someone … you’ve made the time.

    Thank you for your post Michelle.

    All blessings

  • Thank you Inara. You are right on with knowing the true balance is in giving to yourself and others. Love it and thanks again for sharing!