What Even Good Relationships Struggle With

19 Feb 2014, by michelle in Relationships

The issue is kind of like the bacteria we hear about that is on our counters or cutting boards. You don’t see it, but you hear that if not addressed, it can make you unhealthy.

Well, the same goes with the aspects of your relationships that go largely unseen.

What goes unseen, even in good relationships, is a struggle to really claim all of your needs.

And although it may sound a little corny, the best way to be able to see this is happening is when you love each other but no longer feel that “love buzz” between each buzz heart graphic

That “love buzz” is the rhythm and energy created between two people when they are flowing to a shared beat with life. To have this shared beat, you can bet that both of your needs are being taken care of to a large degree.

And the best news is that this “love buzz” can continue within your relationship for years to come, IF you choose that you and your relationship are worth it.

Can I share with you what this “love buzz” is all about?

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