Heart Tugs

12 Feb 2016, by michelle in Self Talk, self-care

While I continue to put energy toward the growth, passion, and desires within my relationship with my husband, the tuggings from my heart have been toward entirely different areas of my life recently.

This is often the case, when certain areas of your life are feeling alive and well, your heart is beckoning you to pay attention in other areas of your life that desire growth.

These heart pulls began pretty dramatically for me this past January. It started with a couple of scares within my children’s school district, where there was one threat that closed a school for a day and then a lock-down situation that happened at school a few days later.

Woman with HeartacheI literally felt heartache for the fear that happens to our children today, as well as for the young boy (only 15) who made a threat. I was just imagining all the unprocessed emotions going on within our youth.

This heartache refueled a passion about getting Emotional Empowerment Education (E3) out to our kids through schools. The opportunity for getting Emotional Empowerment in our schools started to come in last year, but alas, obstacles started coming forward.

Thankfully, the loving energy of sadness and heartache I felt came forward again this past January to reawaken me to a component of my heart that I am not supposed to ignore. My sadness guided me to reach out to the head of The National Resilience Institute (NRI), who also desires to see our kids learn resiliency in all forms, including E3 at an early age.

All I can say is mountains were moved and in less than a week, I was in Iowa working on curriculum! This is all moving quickly, as NRI is heading to Washington DC to get funding in just a few short weeks.

The other, seemingly random, heart tug was a desire to give my children different experiences through travel. While this has been a long-felt desire, there was something in my heart where I knew not to ignore this feeling. While there wasn’t sadness, I had a strong sense that if I blew this off, I would feel regretful.

New York City Statue of LibertyNeedless to say, NYC is where me and my fam have landed this weekend! I am so excited to have this time together and look forward to the adventure that awaits us as we stay in Times Square, go see The Lion King on Broadway, sample the food truck offerings and famous restaurant dives, while visiting monumental sites.

I share all of this with you to encourage you to listen
to what has been tugging at you from your heart.

Sometimes, I’ll have a client who comes to me to for one reason (for instance, find her passion) but the bigger heart tug is actually elsewhere (like her relationship) and that is where we must begin her journey.

When you listen to the heart tugs, you are following the breadcrumbs that are guiding you to what creates happiness and fulfillment for you.

If you have had a lingering tugging, you really can’t skip over it and move onto some other area that you would rather address. The tugging simply won’t stop until it is paid attention to and the rest of your path won’t be revealed because this tugging is a MUST to address. In other words, it has a much more deeper meaning than you realize.

Don’t be afraid if your heart tugs come as sadness, anxiety, anger or frustration. Just get beyond any limiting story and take loving action for and from your heart!

From my heart to yours,
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PS: If you too would like to have your kids learn to thrive with E3, please send energy/prayers that this happens and we can bring a new approach to our emotional well-being- thank you!

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  • Glenna

    Hi Michelle,
    Just wNt to say well done with the E3 project!! I have been feeling for years that this is the field I want to get onto. My heart has been tugging! I have sownloadwd the app but most of the recordings stop half way through. Can you advise.
    Thanks for doing what you do!