Real Happy Nurturing

09 May 2014, by michelle in personal development, Self Talk, self-care

seedlingI’ve noticed lately how we are getting tripped up with our mothering and nurturing.

What I am seeing is too many who are great at fostering the gifts of others.

Yet, somehow, you get stuck when it comes to fully nourishing your own seeds of potential.

You hit a wall and give up, where with others you’ll fight til the end.

You already know the oxygen mask must go on you first, now this is your next step!

This is a worthiness issue, my friend. And what I want you to know is that you also deserve to have your growth nurtured.

So whether you are planting a new seed or you need some pruning to create new life in an area of your life, you deserve to bring that motherly love back to you.

To begin, I invite you to ask yourself the following:

  • What would it be like for you to claim rather than ask permission for your desires?
  • What automatic blocks stop you from claiming what you desire now?

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