5 Ways to Create Greater Inner Peace

14 Sep 2010, by michelle in self-care, Stress

Finding an inner sense of peace can sometimes feel elusive. When stress or imbalance show up, apply one of these strategies that gets to the heart of the matter and witness the flow of peace to enter you!

peace flower

1. Detect the needs of your ego: Your ego likes external ways of defining when you will be happy or fulfilled.  Rather than buying into the “I’ll be happy when “syndrome, recognize the lies of your ego presented to you through your fears.  Chose one action that would bring you a sense of fulfillment in the present moment and witness peacefulness fill you.

2. Let go of expectation: When you set up expectations in your mind, you unintentionally limit yourself.  The potential that exists in any given moment is beyond what your expectations can imagine.  When you let go of expectation, you feel at peace because you know your experience is always opportunity!

3. Take action: I know it may sound counter-intuitive, yet if you feel stressed or anxious, it is often because you are procrastinating taking action on your next step that will bring you a greater sense of fulfillment toward life.  This happens when you buy into fears more than your internal guidance.  Rather than looking at the big picture, think what one small step can I take that will bring me greater peace.

4. Be compassionate & loving toward current self – When you don’t feel at peace, you are going to be judging & comparing yourself.  How is this serving you? Not so good, I am sure!  List the ways you can look at your circumstances with greater love and compassion to tap into your inner truth and peace.

5. Choose a flow state over rational mind: The shoulds and responsibilities in life tend to overpower what your essence really craves.  Determine to put the needs of your essence first for a day, an hour or a week.  Take note of how more peaceful you feel when you become the priority and the important stuff still gets done.

Wishing you the inner sense of peace that brings you a sense of calm and inner knowing that allows you to live with greater ease!



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