[VIDEO] Doing too much?…or judging you aren’t doing enough?

13 Oct 2017, by michelle in personal development, Self Talk, Well-Being, Women

This is the cycle of overwhelm…

You place expectations on yourself that no human can possibly uphold.

You exhaust yourself trying to meet those expectations.

And in your exhausted stated you judge yourself for not doing more.

Until….you will yourself to push yourself again.

Sound familiar? I know this cycle all too well myself.

It’s a never ending cycle that has 9 out 10 moms in a constant state of overwhelm.

And, it’s why so many, whether a parent or not, feel so freakin’ stressed out!

Check out my video below to understand the underbelly of overwhelm.


Michelle Bersell


So what do you think? Share with me what you do to curtail overwhelm. I’d also love to hear if taking the empowered signal of overwhelm is challenging for you (It is for me!), and if it is, what your ego/fear says to stop you from listening to the empowered message.

If you would like to go deeper to understand the way you are subconsciously reacting to life, I invite you to take my Emotional Design Quiz here:

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