[VIDEO] 3 Signs Your Relationship with $ is off Kilter (& what to do to change it)!

03 Nov 2017, by michelle in personal development, Self Talk, Wealth

Just like there was a time that I repelled men (when I really wanted to be in a loving relationship), I also had a time that I repelled abundance.

During this time in my life, I would have never have guessed that my money struggles had anything to do with me. In my mind, I felt abundant in every way except money, therefore (I rationalized) it had to be external circumstances that were outside of my control OR that the only people making money were unethical.

Little did I know how my subconscious was re-creating over and over again the same type of financial struggles in order for me to wake up from the internal stories and beliefs that were sabotaging my relationship with money.

Boy did I find some doozies of stories! And….Just like my negative emotions supported me to receive the relationship I always dreamed of, my negative feelings came through again to break through my money blocks and finally experience the abundance I desired to create for so long.

If you continue to feel blocked around money, I invite you to check out my video below to catch The 3 Most Common Signs that Your Relationship with Money is Off Kilter & …what to do about it!


Michelle Bersell


Here’s my invite: Email me at and tell me the specific negative emotion that comes up for you regarding your relationship with money.

Once I hear back from you, I am going to help you understand how the negative feeling that you are personally experiencing, is actually there to guide you with shifting your relationship with money.

Talk Soon!
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