This is Vulnerable – a part of my story you haven’t heard

27 Sep 2016, by michelle in personal development, Raw Emotions, Video

I would have never have guessed the timing to go deeper into my story would be at Harvard University. I was invited to speak at a Thought Leadership Conference for entrepreneurs, which was a huge honor. This was not my picture of the time and place to be vulnerable.

But something happened….

As I was listening to my colleagues, who came from all over the world, share their stories, many of them overcame a personal challenge that was fueling their success. Whether their expertise was in finance, real estate, online marketing, health, or women’s leadership, their pain provided not only a contrast from what they wanted but also their fuel to create a life that mattered to them.

At that moment, I realized the deep, deep core of what has made me so passionate about changing our relationship from fear to empowerment with our emotional selves hasn’t fully been revealed. As odd as it felt to share at Harvard….as much as a part of me did NOT want to share this information AT HARVARD – I did.

Watch here:

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The reason why I was invited to Harvard was because there is greater and greater recognition that traditional psychology does not work for everyone. In fact, for those of us who are emotionally sensitive, it can teach us to use our greatest gift against ourselves.

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