The Gift of the Darkness

15 Dec 2017, by michelle in Well-Being

The darkness is calling us in and it couldn’t be more perfect timing to set time away from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

The darkness calls for quiet, slowing down and re-evaluation. We get a double dose of time to re-evaluate given that the planet Mercury is in retrograde!

The gift of re-evaluation is a proclamation that you matter.

Besides everything else going on, you are worth taking 15 minutes to reflect. In this reflection, you are setting up a revision of your vision for 2018.

Start during this special time by asking yourself the following:

1. What am I ready to let go of that no longer serves me?

2. If I were to let of caring what others thought of me, what would I let go of or do differently?

3. What aspects am I being called to lighten my load?

4. Is it in my highest good to make sure a certain aspect of my life is tidied up before the end of the year? If so, what date do I commit to doing this by?

One of the pieces that came up when I did this reflection with my husband was how much of a burden it has felt for him to have a disorganized office.

Michelle Bersell

The state of his office creates more chaos and is not the identity he wants as a leader.

So he asked for help, committed, and has a date set to address it head on.

Think of what awaits you as you reflect, let go, and release what no longer serves you!

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  • Janine Shapiro

    Thank you for these valuable questions