Love and Gratitude for YOU!

20 Jul 2010, by michelle in personal development

You know when you have those moments of profound gratitude and appreciation in life?  Well, this morning was one of those mornings for me and what I was feeling profound appreciation, love and gratitude was for you.  I am so honored that you are a part of this community.  With the information overload that we are in, you choose to get one more email, take time out of your day to open it up and read it.  Thank You!

heartI also want to say that I honor you for the path you are on to enhance your life as well as your continued commitment to your personal evolution.  No one really sees the time, effort and energy you have committed to this part of yourself and it often goes unacknowledged.  I acknowledge you for choosing to expand rather than contract.

What I really feel the connection is between me and you is about expansive energy.  I don’t know your face, we aren’t physically together, yet I feel a connection.  Usually, I try to support people to recognize the expansive energy that is within negative emotions.  After all, it is a part of our human experience that often gets ignored or contorted.

What I sensed today is a need to remember the energy of love that is hard to define, yet exists.  Of course, you know it.  You feel it all the time with your family, friends and nature but what about the love that has no or little physical connection.  The connection we have is different.  There is a small physical component as you see my emails, yet the email is not what our connection is about.  We bond through experiences, feelings, thoughts and the words that celebrate or bring greater understanding to our day to day experiences.  Do we dare call that energy love?  I do!

I just want you to know that I feel your energy as well.  I thank you for the energy, thoughts and love you send my way.

I also want to celebrate the expansive energy within you in all its forms.  Today, may it be a day that you honor yourself for the energy you give to others and all of life without even knowing it.  You are life affirming and it is felt!

Love is in the negative and the positive and it is just up to us to recognize it.  Thank you for choosing me to be one of your humble guides, as I use my own stumbling blocks along the way to share with you the love that is within all that we feel.  We are all meant to be the givers and recipients of love.  The more we are open to that in our lives through all of our connections, the more love expands.  Thank you for allowing my heart to expand by receiving my thoughts, feelings and energy through each email I send your way.

Wishing many continued blessings to awe inspiring you, as you continue to live emotionally conscious and exceptionally well!


  • Thanks, Michelle for this sweet and powerful message. I agree, the energy that flows between us and between every bit of matter from atom to galaxy, is LOVE. We are expanding to fill the love within our reach all the time. I appreciate your empowering messages.
    Love, joy and peace,
    Denise Bartlett aka SilverValkyre

    • Denise,

      LOVE it is my friend! Thanks so much for your feedback and insight. I am so glad we are connected!


  • Michelle,

    Thanks for the blog entry. Very uplifting and inspiring.

    Take care,


    • Thanks Angela for responding. I am glad you felt uplifted. The power of energy – I love it!

  • Thank you for your post. you made my day. It was worth reading. Keep spreading the love, it brightens
    our lives.

    • Hi Abdul,

      Thanks so much for sharing! It made my day too to spread the love and I am so glad you were touched. Thanks for being open to receive!


  • Thanks Michelle!!! That was great, love to you. C 🙂

  • champs ulysses cabinatan

    thank you for sharing.. 🙂