Imagine No More Emotional Shame

25 Jul 2013, by michelle in Uncategorized

Unitarian Church Sanctuary with cupolaI am so excited and a little nervous too because I will be giving my first sermon on Sunday at a beautiful Unitarian Church.

The excited part of me is about sharing the vision of what is possible when we trust our negative emotions to guide us. I know how trusting our negative emotions sounds weird, at first, but here’s the thing….

It is through this build up of mistrust in how we feel that we lose the Divine Spark to who we are.

Just imagine the difference when we teach a young girl, who is screaming mad at her brother about taking her ipod, that she knows she isn’t bad or wrong for feeling angry. She doesn’t feel shame because she has learned  that her anger is present in order for her to claim more of her power. The loving guidance coming through her anger is power with, rather than the power over methods such as screaming.

This loving guidance of anger is there for her to claim her power in a way that makes her uncomfortable, which in this case is to put her ipod away in a safe place her brother can’t find. This way her anger isn’t bad & she isn’t bad.  Instead, she feels empowered!

Imagine a whole generations of girls not feeling bad or out of control, or unlovable because of their anger!

Imagine a whole generation who trust and understand their feelings, their inner guidance again!!

When we trust and understand our emotions for the gifts that they are, we trust ourselves.

When we trust ourselves we inherit self-esteem.

When we have self-esteem and certainty with who we are,

we have the self-confidence to change the world.

It just makes sense, if we want to bring peace to the world, we need to first bring peace fully into ourselves. We wonder why people don’t care more. We wonder why more people don’t take action to right the wrongs of the world. It is because they are in too much inner conflict, whether they are conscious of it or not.

You and I can change that just by being the model of allowing ourselves to trust in and experience love in all that we feel.

Wish me luck on Sunday that this new “emotional love seed” passionately becomes planted in more people that desire to make an emotional difference!

Much Love,


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  • Jenny

    Congratulations, Michelle! I know you will be great and you will help many more people find inner freedom and joy! I’d love to hear about it afterward!

    Be abundantly blessed,
    Jenny O-R