5 Ways You May Be Selling Yourself Short

19 Mar 2015, by michelle in personal development

A few years back, I was faced with an overwhelming financial burden of being six-figures in debt. The $130,000+ I had racked up over the years was difficult to face. Even though I had felt abundant in many ways, the debt would not let me off the hook from delving deeper into what it truly means to live abundantly.

When I was finally willing to look inside to see what was causing this debt, what I found shocked me. I was living a compromised life because I wasn’t willing to show up fully in all areas of my life. Once I realized the core of the issue, it took nine months and that debt was gone.

Since that time, I have gone on to help others to live truly abundantly in all areas of life. What I found is that there are five core areas to living a fulfilled and abundant life.

Check out the five areas below that are common ways to “sell yourself short.”

Mind: What do you focus on lack or possibility? When you focus more on lack, you find yourself struggling with self-doubt and reasons why your life can’t change. An abundant mindset searches for reasons to believe in your ultimate vision of how you want your life to be. An abundant mind recognizes that awareness is key to being able to make conscious choices rather than follow old programing of what you are or are not capable of creating in your life.

thoughtful momentLove: Is your love expansive? From your relationship with yourself to your relationship with others, there is an opportunity to either hinder love or allow love to expand. If you limit love toward yourself, you will also limit how you receive love from another. In other words, if you do not honor your needs and desires, then no one else will be able to honor you at the level you desire either. Why settle for crumbs of love, when love truly is abundant?

Spirit: Do you foster your dreams or do you place limits on yourself? Your Spirit is your internal guide that allows you to use your imagination to expand you into becoming the person you are meant to be. An abundant Spirit nurtures opportunities that remind you that you are limitless when you are tapped into your authentic nature.

Finances: Do you allow money to flow or do you have a choke-hold around money that limits you and the joy you want to experience in life? Unfortunately, money can create a lot of pain when you don’t understand the loving energy money holds. Money is simply a tool to teach you to truly value yourself in ways that matter. An abundant financial framework will no longer tolerate financial struggle and guide you to invest in yourself in numerous ways that alter your financial thermostat.

Emotion: Do you allow yourself to feel every emotion or do you hold certain emotions inside of you? Do you judge yourself when you feel certain feelings or feel ashamed when certain emotions are expressed? Emotions are the rocket fuel to energize your dreams. Your feelings are guiding you to get out of your “normal way of doing things” and create a life that feels fulfilling for you in all ways. Emotional abundance is utilizing each feeling, whether positive or negative, to be a guiding tool that enables you to live out your best life. When you receive all of your emotions, you are awakened to the opportunity available to you in each moment.

be presentWhat I have found when I work with clients is that if you can stop selling yourself short in just one of these ways, you’ll see other areas of your life improve in surprising ways. The reason is that your value is then being mirrored back to you in positive, life-affirming ways.

Of the 5 areas mentioned above, where do you thrive, and which ones are you selling yourself short?

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