F.E.E.L Training Kit

F.E.E.L. Training Toolkit:


When unconscious emotional blocks are getting in your way,
wouldn’t you like to have a proven process
to show you to remove them once and for all?

If you answered YES – the F.E.E.L. Training Toolkit is for YOU!

This toolkit includes everything you need to get started on your path from moving out of unconscious reacting to negative feelings, fears and stress and instead learn to respond through your emotions in a way that brings you greater personal empowerment, inner peace, and happiness.


The F.E.E.L. Training Toolkit includes:

video monitor














2 Training Videos:

In these videos, I go into detail about how to put my step-by-step process into practice in your life.














My Exclusive F.E.E.L. Checklist:

People have gone crazy over this checklist because it shows you where your perspective is in alignment with your sense of empowerment and where you remain stuck in fear.













2 Meditations/Guided Visualizations:

My Exclusive Inner Dialogue Meditation: The fact is when we feel emotionally overwhelmed, our fallback is to listen to our fears. This guided meditation will support you to strengthen your connection to your personal power and wisdom, even when you feel stress, self-doubt, or emotionally weighted down.


All you need to do to say “YES, I am ready to learn how to turn my negative feelings into my greatest allies!” and enter your name and email on the right. Then you will be redirected to my free tool kit immediately. A link to the toolkit will also arrive in your email inbox for you to refer to later.

I look forward to guiding you to a new relationship with your emotional well-being: ONE THAT AWAKENS YOU TO MORE OF YOUR GIFTS, YOUR POWER, & YOUR POTENTIAL.

Michelle Bersell

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