Individual Coaching

Unrecognizable You Partnership Program

providing you with radical care and guidance in order for you to create inner shifts that allow you to show up in the world differently.


Unrecognizable You Partnership Program

Radical commitment to you to change your life for good!

  • Are you feeling like a part of your life feels incomplete or that you are somehow holding yourself back?
  • Is there an area of your life that is less than ideal?
  • Are you at a point where you know something has to change?
In the Unrecognizable You Partnership Program I am your partner and guide that will take you by the hand to overcome and let go of thoughts, fears, stories, beliefs about who you are that simply are not true.

Because when you overcome your internal blocks, you show up in the world differently, by taking leaps you would have never considered previously, and by living with greater confidence in your authentic self.

The Unrecognizable YOU Partnership Program is a proven transformational process. The transformation clients receive is lasting because emotional blocks are addressed and redefined from the core. The Unrecognizable YOU Partnership Program is the only program that teaches you how to utilize your negative feelings to access Inner Wisdom and Energy to take LEAPS that normally feel too uncomfortable for you to make.


The Unrecognizable YOU Program is redefining the way coaching is offered by provide you with radical care, commitment to change, and trusting partnership.


The result is:

You are living your life
in ways that
amaze & astonish you!

Better yet, this way of living becomes so second nature, you will begin doing amazing things without even realizing it. This is when you’ll be able to look back and see how you are actualizing your potential at a new level; a level you didn’t even know existed within you!

My goal when you and I work together is to open you up to fully step into your desires and dreams, whatever those are for you.



Here are some examples of dreams come true through the unique support I offer:

  • Leaving a corporate job to develop an award-winning, highly profitable business!
  • Letting go of a relationship to find one’s soulmate and get married!
  • Feeling so filled with anxiety that it was difficult to go to work to gaining deeper self-confidence, plus a promotion, and a raise!
  • Having weight be a constant sense of struggle and shame to realizing what the weight is really about and losing the extra pounds once and for all!

What I can honestly say about my work is that people come in regarding a particular issue whether that is their weight, their marriage, their career, their self-esteem and by the end, not only is that main issue addressed but every aspect of their life.


Unrecognizable You Partnership Program

Below is a TASTE of the changes you can expect to see in your life when you commit to the Unrecognizable You Partnership Program.


Your Self Esteem changes by being able to:

  • Identify and redefine the areas you are most critical about yourself that inhibit your ability to honor yourself completely.
  • Discover the underlying gifts to the aspects of yourself you judge.
  • Gain a healthier sense of self-worth.
  • Learn simple ways to embody greater self-love!
  • Establish inner peace at your core by recognizing the truth to who you are and the gifts you bring to the world.
  • Watch your self-confidence skyrocket, as you take inner risks that support you to do the same out into the world.
  • Create dramatic improvements toward self-trust.


Your Relationships change by being able to:

  • Recognize why your relationship is depleted in a certain area/s and how to replenish it naturally instead.
  • Breakthrough limitations to intimacy and foster deeper connection.
  • Discover how to move out of blame or lack due to not having a relationship or within a current relationship.
  • Recognize how your relationship can progress to the next level of its expression of love.
  • Identify old familial patterns that no longer serve you and establish a new healthier foundation that serves the highest good of all.
  • Find the courage to claim healthier boundaries.


Your Physical Health changes by being able to:

  • Discover what your heart is asking you to address about your health, even if you feel you are in good physical shape.
  • Identify what limiting belief/s have prohibited you from taking the next step toward your health’s full potential.
  • Recognize any fears that are tied to your physical body and how that impacts your overall health.
  • Release shame and judgment attached to your body.
  • Ignite deeper passion and sensuality as you affirm more of your sexual energy.
  • Feel more energized in your physical body.


Your Emotional Well-Being changes by being able to:

  • Open yourself to receive the gift of joy more easily.
  • Recognize the specific tricks your ego is using to try to lure you back into your comfort zone.
  • Understand the empowering messages your negative feelings offer and make conscious choices that leave you feeling happier, filled with gratitude and fulfilled from the inside-out!
  • Know what to do when you find yourself slipping back into an old rut or routine.
  • Rekindle inspiration from within rather than rely on external factors to create the changes you desire.
  • Feel greater balance and inner peace from your core.


Your Career & Finances change by being able to:

  • Claim more of your innate potential.
  • Discover how to nourish your heart’s yearnings toward living in purpose and in abundance.
  • Embrace your inherent self-worth.
  • Identify specific limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action toward your heart’s desires.
  • Reformulate old stories from the past to breakthrough your inner glass ceiling.
  • Move outside your comfort zone to claim your expanded vision once and for all!
  • Experience yourself more deeply accessing and living your true calling.


Your Spiritual Growth evolves by being able to:

  • Identify how your faith in self and in something larger than yourself is being asked to expand and grow.
  • Recognize the significance you have to those around you and in the world.
  • Realign your rational mind with your Essence as a unified force to support you to live your life feeling deeply cared for, supported and empowered.
  • Increase your connection to your Inner Wisdom creating dramatic improvement toward self-trust, and wiping away self-doubts..
  • Establish daily practices that deepen your spiritual connection and support you to feel spiritually nourished.
  • More fully receive the gifts being offered to you.


Your Day-to-Day Living changes by being able to:

  • Create the space for your Authentic Self to be honored and celebrated through play, creativity, and fun!
  • Free your life and home from unnecessary clutter.
  • Learn how to create magic in every day moments.
  • Create an ideal setting that is in alignment with your truth and keeps you inspired.
  • Learn to more deeply tap into your creative expression with joy, honor, and love.
  • Receiving the gift of leisure!

If the Unrecognizable You Partnership Program sounds like the guidance and mentorship you’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to find and you are ready to invest in this level of commitment to living from your truest, fullest self, I invite you to fill out this form.

Once we receive your form, we’ll send you a link to have a reduced rate Emotional Empowerment Breakthrough Session (only $50) and then we’ll get you scheduled for your session! *Due to the intimate nature of this program, there are limited spaces available. Please note that filling out this form does not in any way guarantee or reserve you a spot in this premier program, nor does it obligate you to participate in the program. Participants are chosen based on best fit between your desires/ideals and my services offered.

This is your invitation to partner with me and for you to become unrecognizable to yourself in one or more areas in your life!


All you need to do is


To creating the life that lives in your heart NOW rather than years from now, or worse yet, never!

This is your time, let me partner with you and become the next success story who looks back and says

I can’t believe I made my dream happen!

Fill out the form to take your first step to saying YES to You NOW!

How Others Have Benefited
Suzanne Monroe - Founder & CEO, International Association of Wellness Professionals

“My Business Tripled in Just a Few Days!”

As an entrepreneur who is passionate about my work, I would also at times get weighed down by fears and responsibilities. Michelle has shown me how to tap into all of my feelings to see the spiritual guidance available to me at all times.

Working with Michelle created such profound breakthroughs for me on many levels but most surprising was how integrating her work would impact my business success. After one particular session, I knew I had made a dramatic shift and suddenly by business tripled in just a few days! Through the insight Michelle has shared, I have catapulted to a new level of operating my business and a new dimension of living a fulfilled life!

Jimmy Sammarco - Award Winning Cinematographer

“Michelle’s work has really helped me open the door to my full potential and to help me achieve what, deep down, I know I´m capable of achieving.”

Michelle´s work has really helped me open the door to my full potential and to help me achieve what, deep down, I know I´m capable of achieving. Her teachings of the F.E.E.L. process helped me to identify and work through the issues that are blocking me, and shown me how to work through them. I now include Michelle among the few highly regarded people who have made an amazing change in my life. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives.

Heather Parentice, CA

“Through Michelle’s Work, I Have Healed My Battered Self-Worth.”

Michelle’s work made me aware of pain regarding a relationship that I thought I was over with and had buried. Through her work I was able to reclaim my power within my relationship as well as heal my battered self-worth. In doing so, my relationship has moved to new levels of strength and intimacy and I learned to value myself enough to take care of myself. I have never felt better.


“F.E.E.L. has change my life in immeasurable ways!”

Michelle´s work on how to Feel Every Emotion as Love, shifted me from feeling paralyzed from fear and anxiety to now having an exciting new lease on life. Besides receiving an amazing promotion, I am now more confident – which has allowed me to open the door to so many more new experiences & change my life in immeasurable ways! Thank you Michelle for showing me how much more amazing life can be!

Carol Merchasin - Author and Former partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

“The Progress I Made Was Beyond My Expectations”

I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life; things that plagued me but that I had thought were too difficult to change. Or worse, that it was too late to change. Working with Michelle allowed me to look at some situations that I couldn’t have done or looked at without her support due to her very productive and very intuitive style of coaching. In the end, I had made progress beyond my expectations, so much so that I began to take on several other problematic life situations that I never thought I could address!

Kateri, NY - Hair and Makeup Artist

“Now I Know My Needs Are Worthy of Being Met.”

Michelle has supported me to stop the wishful thinking about a relationship that did not and would not ever fulfill me. I am so grateful to learn this now, rather than waste any more time in a relationship that was not my ideal. In that relationship, I was afraid to have needs. Now I know my needs are worthy of being met. I feel more empowered, confident and deserving than I ever have before! I am grateful my essence knew better and the universe lead me to Michelle. Thank you, Michelle, for your help and guidance in this necessary journey in my life.