Half Day Intensive

Take a deep dive into your subconscious to finally unearth the beliefs you have about yourself and life that have been holding you back, so you can:


Understand how the way you’ve been functioning has been serving you. What most don’t recognize is that everything you do is serving you in some way, even the so-called “bad” habits or self-sabotaging beliefs you have. Until you understand how these serve you, you’ll unknowingly continue to go back to these patterns that work against your desired outcomes.


Discover deeper compassion and love for the aspects of yourself that have been working against you. The tendency is to judge the parts of ourselves that work against us. The problem is the more you shame certain aspects of yourself, the more you lose self-trust. The aspects that you shame also carry more of your truth and light, when they are understood from love. This work allows you to integrate this forsaken aspects. In doing so, you are no longer psychologically fighting an internal battle with yourself. What you’ll experience is a sense of inner freedom you didn’t know was possible that impacts you showing up in the world more expansively.


Re-wire decades worth of tapes, beliefs, and stories that are a limited version of you and life to be replaced with new beliefs of greater innate power, love, and potential within your subconscious mind. What makes this work unique is that the rewiring is taking place within your subconscious on an emotional level. Trying to rewire your beliefs through your conscious mind via your thoughts does not work because you haven’t tapped into the emotion that lies within a belief. In order for a belief to be ingrained, it must be felt and experienced, which will occur within your intensive in order to experience lasting transformation.

How this all takes place:

The Deep-Dive Intensive includes:

  • Intake questionnaire review, which has questions formulated to support the unraveling of any current stuck points,
  • 2 1/2 hours of intensive coaching to understand what benefits the subconscious from keeping you blocked, rewiring of subconscious to work with your desires and an action plan to solidify and create permanent shifts,
  • One 30 min follow up session (scheduled within 2-4 weeks of intensive).
  • Recordings of your sessions for your review and witness changes before and after.
Melissa Hale, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Yoga Teacher

Working with Michelle has allowed me to transform in so many profound ways. Her direct, intuitive and compassionate style was more effective in just a couple of hours of coaching than the years of extended self-improvement courses and previous therapy I have had. I sought Michelle’s help after experiencing a slow decline of spirit over the past few years, feeling as though my inner voice and flame were being slowly suffocated by the day to day demands of being a professional, mother and wife. Since working with Michelle I have unveiled emotional baggage that that I never knew existed; it’s like a deep cleaning of the soul and psyche! Doing this has allowed me to once again reunite with my true self and clearly identify what I want out of MY LIFE. If feels like the fog has lifted after many years and I feel a sense of freedom I haven’t felt since childhood. I am forever grateful for Michelle’s guidance on my Life Journey.”

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Imagine your future: Consider the outcome of rewiring decades worth of beliefs, and the saving of time and money that would have been spent in therapy or other modalities that still leave something missing. This is a unique opportunity that saves both time and money in the long-term.

I want you to experience lasting transformation in the quickest amount of time by combining my traditional psychology training, along with my years of studying personal and spiritual development. This work is both intuitive and pragmatic in order for you to experience both immediate and permanent shifts that allow you to align with your desires.

Ask Yourself:

What’s it worth to me to shave off the struggle you are carrying and instead create greater inner and outer fulfillment?

Investment: $1997, for a limited time $1400

About the investment: You may be asking is the investment worth it? Only you can decide what it’s worth to you to rewire decades worth of beliefs that are working against you.  Many have shared that the outcome they receive in a couple of hours surpasses years spent in therapy or on other personal development modalities, therefore saving both time and money in the long-term.

Jessica Phillips, Clarinet MET Orchestra

“I cannot recommend a half day ‘deep intensive’ with Michelle highly enough! I had worked with Michelle several years ago, but I wanted to reconnect with her through this deep dive experience. I knew I had been stuck in several areas of my life and really wanted to break through and take another leap forward with my life. Together, we worked on personal financial issues, my love life, and big work decisions. It was necessary for all of these issues to be parsed out together because they were all so interconnected. Being able to have this half day experience gave me time to completely open up and fully comprehend and address my feelings of self-worth. After our work together, I now find myself making more confident value judgements with my earned income, my time, and expressing my desired needs and outcomes in all areas of my life. I left a relationship that was not working for me and the universe responded with the man of my dreams entering my life only a few days afterwards, with whom I know I am ready now to to be fully seen. And finally, I started fully and joyfully addressing my options for a more creative and proactive work life. I’m so grateful to Michelle and to our work together!”

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