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Intimacy – Real Intimacy – Is Often Misunderstood


Perhaps you feel intimacy is a nice word to describe SEX. Maybe you feel intimacy is about AFFECTION AND LOVE. Or intimacy may simply feel like a sense of FAMILIARITY with another. Let me introduce you to…


Expansive Intimacy Couples Partnership Program


couple in Intimate PoseAll of the above share aspects of intimacy, however, I would like to take the definition deeper into what I feel couples are craving. What we crave in our relationships is really being able to see each other. You want to be seen and understood and so does your partner.

Let me get clearer. You don’t just want to be seen as your present self. You want to be seen fully in your truth. You want your potential self remembered, cheered on, and celebrated.

Somewhere along the way of your relationship you forgot (or maybe you never knew) that this was your role to each other.

The good news is that even if one or all of the above scenarios describes your current relationship, true intimacy is still possible. It simply won’t be found through traditional measures.

Most traditional measures are about teaching couples how to “play nice in the playground” with each other? In reality, what you and your partner are learning to do is squash your personal truths in order to “get along.” When this is the case, you can expect your relationship to perhaps survive but it will not be one of your main sources of joy and fulfillment.

In order to reclaim the intimacy you once had (or perhaps never had), you first need to learn to get the most intimate with you.

Here’s why:

At some point in your life, you experienced some type of emotional traumas. It didn’t have to be a huge, scary event. Trauma can occur from a small event that had significant meaning to you. The pain from trauma creates an emotional woundings. The person you decided to partner with also has emotional wounding (we all do).

How then do you create real intimacy when:

  • Real intimacy is not there any longer or never was?

  • All is fine with your relationship on the surface, yet there is a deeper desire for greater connection?

  • There are so many negative feelings between you and your partner?

  • You have grown so far apart?

  • A physical or emotional infidelity has occurred?

You and your partner are unconsciously drawn to each other because you feel that the other can heal your emotional wounds.

couple loosing touchWhen you and your partner aren’t able to heal each others emotional wounds, one or both of you will start to experience a sense of disconnection. From this place of disconnection, relationships are in danger of losing intimacy and ending.

For many people, when the relationship ends, they go onto the next person to unconsciously try to heal their wound. When this occurs, one of two unconscious options typically emerge. The first unconscious choice is for the same pattern to repeat again, where you find yourself disappointed in yet another relationship. The other choice is for you to come to the conclusion that the type of fulfillment you crave from your relationship is a fantasy, no one really has it, and if you don’t want to die alone, you too need to learn to “get along.” Both of these options leave you never experiencing the true intimacy your heart desires. What I know from my experience working with couples as well as through my own deeply intimate relationship is:


You are your partner’s greatest spiritual teacher. Your partner is your greatest spiritual teacher.

middle aged coupleAll I do is open the door for you both to receive each other’s teachings and in doing so, receive one another fully, openly, and in your highest truth.

What your relationship doesn’t know yet is that you are meant to hold each other in your highest versions of self.

I work to teach you both what being in your personal highest truth looks like and means for you as an individual, as well as a couple.

In doing so, you’ll both be able to come back to each other as a spiritual unit that supports each other to continue growing into both of your highest expressions of self, while also experiencing deep joy, fulfillment and deep intimacy in your relationship.



How the Expansive Intimacy Partnership Program Works

In the Expansive Intimacy Partnership Program, I am partnering with both people within a relationship in order for each of you to step into greater truth, love, and fulfillment.  I’ll be meeting with you both, in order for you each to have the support, clarity, and insight available to live from your highest selves.

This is an in-depth process that requires both of you to be committed to living consciously as individuals as well as within your relationship.

As you commit to this level of partnership, you’ll find enhanced love, passion, joy, and intimacy more deeply than you knew was possible.

But don’t take my word for it

Watch what one couple has to share about this work:

If the Expansive Intimacy Couple’s Partnership Program sounds like the guidance and mentorship you’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to find and you are ready to invest in this level of commitment to living from your truest, fullest selves as a couple, I invite you both to Fill In This Form

Once we receive your form, we’ll send you a link to have a reduced rate Couple’s Breakthrough Session (only $50) and then we’ll get you scheduled for your session! *Due to the intimate nature of this program, there are limited spaces available. Please note that filling out this form does not in any way guarantee or reserve you a spot in this premier program, nor does it obligate you to participate in the program. Participants are chosen based on best fit between your desires/ideals and my services offered.


How Others Have Benefited
Suzanne Monroe - Founder & CEO, International Association of Wellness Professionals

“Michelle’s work is profound and powerful and unlike anything out there in the world of relationships, healing, therapy or self-help I’ve ever come across.”

Working with Michelle as my relationship coach has been the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had. And I consider myself someone who has taken big leaps in life and made great changes to deepen my experience of life and understanding of self. What we uncovered together through Michelle’s extraordinary process were some old patterns that directly related to how I was showing up in my relationship. What was even more profound was how these same patterns were also affecting other areas of my life without me even realizing it. These patterns and ultimately beliefs about myself were something I never would have discovered alone without Michelle as my guide, because they were deep in my subconscious.  Once we found them, just like a hidden treasure that is uncovered after years of being locked away, they showed me the way to my truth.  I feel like a new person, but what I’ve come to learn is that I am now just the fullest expression of me. It feels so amazing to be living life from this new place and the funny thing is, I thought my life was pretty good before. Now I see how much greater life actually is and what my potential for an even greater future is.  My relationship dramatically shifted in ways I never could have expected and I am more confident, empowered and joyful in all areas of my life. If you have a desire to improve your relationship and truly know yourself and your partner, then take any opportunity you can to learn from Michelle. Her work is profound and powerful and unlike anything out there in the world of relationships, healing, therapy or self-help I’ve ever come across.



“After 30 years of marriage who would have thought your work could be so helpful!”

“Thank you so much for your relationship building work that I have been able to partake in. I cannot believe how effortless our marriage is (compared to before ). My husband is saying things that I never would have expected. “When will we talk again? When will I see you again?” It’s very endearing. Thank you so much for this lifelong love journey you started us on. What a gift. After 30 years of marriage who would have thought your work could be so helpful.”