Are You Ready to Lessen Your Load?

16 Aug 2009, by michelle in Newsletter

So many times it can be your mind holding you back.  You can have this sense of how your responsibilities should be taken care of that you probably don’t think twice about.  Because these are many of your day to day tasks or work responsibilities, you just do what you have to do to get them finished and off your plate.  How you are feeling about these responsibilities can be a great gift if you are willing to listen.  The initial response may be that you are exhausted and just want to fly yourself off to an isolated beach for a month.  I know this feeling and all this means is that you need some time for you to just be and let yourself off the hook.  Here are some examples of the shifts that can occur if you allow yourself to take a break – guilt-free:

  • Your energy will be renewed, giving you greater passion toward fulfilling your responsibilities
  • Without all your busy-ness, you have more room for ahh-ha moments to approach your responsibilities differently – or better yet give them to another capable pair of hands!
  • You will feel more playful and creative when you do go back to taking care of your responsibilities
  • You will gain compassion for yourself as you see how weighed down you get when taking your responsibilities too seriously.  They are important but not at the cost of your health and well-being.

Action: What are you tired of doing?  Ask yourself why you are still doing it?  If it is based on a fear (one common one is what will other people think? They will think I am incapable, incompetent, messy, lonely etc… or I can’t ignore X. If I don’t do X, I won’t be successful, have a job, make money, etc …), you are leaking your energy.  What that means is that there is a better way because your fears are running you.  You have to determine if you can live authentically enough in order to allow your truth to be revealed.  If you don’t, you will live your life being only semi-satisfied or worse yet – completely depleted.  With your energy leaked you won’t have time to attend to what fulfills you or feels passionate to you.  You simply won’t have the energy.  Although it can be scary to listen to what is inside you, it is always leading you to live a life that brings you greater joy, fulfillment and success!

**Remember – you will be okay if you don’t get to that load of laundry, your kids will survive if you feed them icecream for dinner one night, and your business will not fail if you don’t respond back until 36 hours later rather than the 24 hour frame you are always trying to achieve!

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