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Don't Let Your Relationship Slip Away

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When you first begin a relationship, everything feels ideal. You feel loved, cherished and deeply desired. You feel great and life seems filled with possibilities.

Along the way, your relationship changes. Disagreements occur leaving you to feel unheard or misunderstood. These disagreements turn into arguments that either blow up or shut down one (or both) of you.

Life also seems to get busier and the close connection you once shared isn’t quite the same.

You long for those times where you were seemingly talking about nothing and yet, at the same time, everything.

You yearn to see your partner light up when he sees you, like he once did.

You desire the passion that made it difficult for you to keep your hands off of each other.

And even though you’ve been told that being in-love doesn’t last, you can’t help wanting that deep connection back. You bring up your desires, but they seem to go unheard or cause your partner to react defensively.

You have thoughts like:

  • Am I asking for too much?
  • Why can’t I just focus on the good parts of our relationship?
  • Does the type of relationship I desire even exist?

What you are really asking is:

Can I Really Have My Ideal Relationship?

Whether you’ve been married for decades or just starting off your relationship, you may be feeling stuck between the desire to share more of your needs and at the same time not wanting to sound ungrateful, too needy, or like a nag.

Sometimes this communication block is minor and temporary, but it could also be signaling that deeper challenges remain unresolved. What this likely means is that at the root of your relationship, there are some aspects needing your attention, IF you want to remain feeling happy and fulfilled for years to come.

You might feel like the communication blocks are tolerable...or you might feel that you can hardly take it anymore. You want to feel understood and have more intimacy. In either case, you know for sure what you have right now is not your ideal. Allowing any level of distance or disconnection between you and your partner to become a pattern will ultimately lead to an unfulfilling relationship.

The Biggest Tragedy Is...

couple arguing

The biggest tragedy is too many couples, who were once in love, wait until their relationship is nearing the end to give their relationship needs the attention that will allow their relationship to thrive.

By waiting until the 11th hour, it is often too late and nobody wants their relationship to come to an end.

So what do you do?

Option 1 - You can trudge along for the rest of your life with the 'good enough' relationship you have, hoping things might get better. You'll try to speak up in the same ways you've done in the past only to get the same results and feel like you're going around in circles. Exhausting.

This option leaves a hole in your heart because you know you are longing for more.

Option 2 - You can give up hope all together and forget about the idea of ever having your ideal relationship. Meanwhile, without your relationship there to fulfill you, you'll take on more and more, hoping some other area of your life will do the job. Burn out.

This option leaves you turned off and your life dimmed down to 'relationship survival' mode.

Choosing from one of these two options is like deciding between the worse of two evils. Which is why most feel uncertain, confused and hopeless about how to fix their relationship.

But, what if there was another option? Another way?

Let me be clear, that this is not your fault! AND you are not alone either.

The relationships model we've been taught is broken.

The current relationship model no longer works for many couples because women have changed.

What if you could course correct your relationship where all your needs are met, all of his needs are met, and you remain in love throughout your whole rest of your relationship?

Sounds impossible right?

It isn’t!

We still need each other, yet in different ways than what the old model of relationships has demonstrated to us.

The current relationship model no longer works for many couples because we have changed and grown. Roles for both men and women feel unclear or complex and the current relationship model is cracking becuase of this.

Some will look at the old model of relationship falling apart as something bad that is occurring. What is actually happening is an opportunity for allowing in a deeper love that truly fulfills, uplifts, and supports each person within the couple to live more and more from their highest expression of self.

So there is a reason why you have thought your ideal relationship isn’t possible. You haven’t been given a model for this yet or the tools to support you through this next level of relationship that awaits couples to embrace.

Who is the Leader of your Relationship?

empowered woman

This is what I’ve found: It only takes one person to lead their relationship out of the old, cracked model and into an evolved, sacred relationship. This person tends to be the one in your relationship who is most dedicated to their own personal growth.

And this isn’t about taking more on or you feeling like you are dragging, pulling, and prodding your partner to evolve with you. This is about more fully deepening your love, honor, and respect for YOURSELF, which authentically moves your partner to shift with you.

So if you are reading this, I’m guessing that you are the person who is really interested in personal growth and you really want to bring your partner with you.

This is for you if you want to:

  • More fully commit to your own growth and you want your relationship to evolve with you.
  • Learn loving and playful ways to naturally entice your partner to consciously be with you in relationship.
  • Have your needs easily met in a way that honors both you and your partner.
  • Explore the sacred gift your union offers.
  • Create a relationship in which each person feels loved, wanted, honored, and cherished.

To make this shift out of the old paradigm to the new model of Sacred Relationships requires skilled, sensitive, personal support that will allow you to powerfully impact your relationship for the better. And that is what we will create, together, so that in just a few lessons, you’ll be fully empowered in your relationship from the Sacredness within you, which is the part of you that - KNOWS what real intimacy feels like, LOVES the deep connection in your relationship, ATTRACTS your needs to be met with ease, and DELIGHTS in the energy of your partner.

This shift in energy will be a gift you give to your relationship, where both of you will radiate more confidently in the world. Because what you will be learning is how to influence your relationship from a loving standpoint with greater ease. Through this greater sense of ease and connection, you’ll feel the full range and expression of your true self shining through in all areas of your life.

If this image of relationship sounds like a BIG YES to you, I invite you to open yourself to a NEW PARADIGM FOR RELATIONSHIPS through The Art of Sacred Relationships Course

In this course, you learn how to set up your relationship to meet both people’s needs because simply put...

When each person’s needs are met, you remain in love.

In The Art of Sacred Relationship Course, you will delve in deeper into the three main components on how to create your ideal through covering the following:

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Three Course Sessions on Each Module.

Experience the unique teachings of The Art of Sacred Relationships with Michelle, as she shares the fundamental tools and techniques to shifting out of the old relationship paradigm and into a new paradigm where you are loved, seen, and understood more deeply than ever before.

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Audio Recordings of Each Module

Each live session covers one of the three key components to learning The Art of Sacred Relationships. These teachings are recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing a class. You will be given three mp3 downloadable recordings to use whenever you need to so you can return to these teachings to support you to make lasting changes to create your ideal.


Detailed Class Notes

Don't worry about needing to create detailed notes. We've got you covered with classnotes that highlight the important steps and processes to each lesson. Simply download each modules' classnotes and add your personal insights as you listen along to the recordings.


Deepening Practices Between Each Class

After each course session you will be given homework, inquiries and related practices to accelerate your learning, and integrate each lesson.



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These same tools, information and support has changed the lives of my clients and I'm thrilled to be able to bring it to you now at such an affordable price. Normally to coach with me privately and gain this level of support clients have invested over $10,000.

But because my mission is to get this information into the hands of as may people as possible so they can be the leaders of their relationship, I've created this simple, affordable option for you to experience these life-changing, relationship-transforming tools. And I invite you to claim your spot today and embark on this exciting path.

I'm so excited to take you on the Sacred Relationship journey!

I look forward to meeting you very soon and supporting you to create your Sacred Relationship!

michelle bersell

Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., has been known as being a visionary leader in emotional well-being. She is now expanding that vision to relationships, and in doing so transforming the way couples, from their twenties to their seventies, create deeper intimacy and love.

Besides media attention in Women’s World magazine, Parents magazine and Fox Television, Michelle is featured in the upcoming film documentary GOOD LUCK. Michelle’s latest book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies immediately became a #1 bestselling book.

Two weeks later F.E.E.L. was a featured gift at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Michelle has also received national recognition as one of the “50 Great Authors You Should be Reading” for her first book Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered. Her unique approach to emotional well-being has led Michelle to be feature alongside best-selling authors Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff, Rhonda Britten and many others.

Michelle currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her loving husband, daughter, and twin sons.

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