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Trust me when I say I know what it is like to want something so deeply, to feel like you have tried everything under the sun, and still you cannot change your circumstances.

When you live this way, you do one of two things:

Option 1 - You disconnect yourself from believing that your desire matters or is possible.

Option 2 - You continue to try but unknowingly, you are trying from a state of victimhood.

In option #1, you basically are lying to yourself because you are tired of being disappointed or because you would rather feel grateful than continue to be upset. The problem is that you absolutely cannot continue to deny what is coming from your heart. Problems, pain, or simply a lack of energy and joy will be amplified in order for you to become willing to do something drastically different.

If you are in option #2, you don’t feel like a victim because you keep trying. The problem is even though you are trying; your thoughts, feelings, and actions don’t completely believe you can have what you desire.

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Your next step is to create a new belief system that has you acting from your desired outcome. What this means is you cannot create the desired change you want acting from an old story.

Instead, you need to have the 3 components that make up your belief system serving and supporting your inner world in order to change your outer world. The 3 components that allow you to create a new story are:

Empowered Emotions + Empowered Mindset + Empowered Action

The only way to create PERMANENT change is to create a new belief system that knows how to deal with your thoughts, feelings, and actions of your current story, including how to:
  • Stop your self-doubt
  • Deal with disappointment and/or failure
  • Handle procrastination
  • Keep moving toward your ideal, even when you are tired or don’t feel like it
  • Create your desired change, even when you feel sad, discouraged, frustrated, anxious etc..
  • Tolerate evidence in your reality that tries to demonstrate your new belief system is wrong and still not give up

The honest to goodness truth is it is easier for you to fall back into your old story. No one likes to hear this but I promise you that it’s true, no matter how painful it is that you haven’t been able to make the changes you desire to make.

Simply put...
Your old story is what you know and is how you are used to living.

You need a proven formula that is going to get you to feel, think, and act differently exactly when it is the easier choice to step away from your desire.

The Inner Freedom Formula delves deeply into all 3 components to create a new belief system. The Inner Freedom Formula process keeps you remaining in alignment with your true self rather than the part of you that unconsciously feels it is better to self-sabotage so you don’t have to change.

Here is what The Inner Freedom Formula does:

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Three 1 Hour Course Sessions on Each Module.

Experience the unique teachings of The Inner Freedom Formula with Michelle, as she shares the fundamental tools and techniques to shifting out of your old stories and into a new belief system that guides you to take a stand for your true self daily.

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Audio Recordings of Each Module

Each session covers one of the three components to creating Inner Freedom by establishing a new, permanent belief system. These teachings are recorded so you don’t have to worry about missing a class. You will be given three mp3 downloadable recordings to use whenever you need to so you can return to these teachings to support you to make lasting changes to create your ideal.


PDF Transcripts of Each Class Session

In addition to the high quality MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format after each session is completed. This way you can review, print and highlight the most important insights and practices that you’ll learn.


Deepening Practices Between Each Class

After each course session you will be given homework, inquiries and related practices to accelerate your learning, and integrate each lesson.


Michelle's Work

Michelle´s work has really helped me open the door to my full potential and to help me achieve what, deep down, I know I´m capable of achieving.
Her teachings helped me to identify and work through the issues that are blocking me, and shown me how to work through them. I now include Michelle among the few highly regarded people who have made an amazing change in my life. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives.

Jimmy Sammarco
Award Winning Cinematographer


The Inner Freedom Formula Program

Yours for only $1197



“Working with Michelle has change my life in immeasurable ways!”
Michelle´s work shifted me from feeling paralyzed from fear and anxiety to now having an exciting new lease on life. Besides receiving an amazing promotion, I am now more confident – which has allowed me to open the door to so many more new experiences & change my life in immeasurable ways! Thank you Michelle for showing me how much more amazing life can be!

Gina Lee Gilsoul
Doctor of Pharmacy


“Through Michelle’s Work, I Have Healed My Battered Self-Worth.”
Michelle’s work made me aware of pain regarding a relationship that I thought I was over with and had buried. Through her work I was able to reclaim my power within my relationship as well as heal my battered self-worth. In doing so, my relationship has moved to new levels of strength and intimacy and I learned to value myself enough to take care of myself. I have never felt better.

Heather Parentis


The Inner Freedom Formula Program

Yours for only $1197


I look forward to meeting you very soon and supporting you to create Inner Freedom!

michelle bersell

Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed., is known as a visionary leader in emotional consciousness who challenges common thought and understanding regarding emotional well-being. Combining her training as a psychotherapist along with her spiritual insight, Michelle continues to lead thousands to a new level of accessing and celebrating their potential through her seminars, retreats, speaking engagements, products, and individual programs.

Besides media attention in Women’s World magazine, Parents magazine, The Huffington Post, and Fox Television, Michelle is featured in the upcoming film documentary GOOD LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity.

Michelle’s latest book F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies immediately became a #1 bestselling book. Two weeks later F.E.E.L. was a featured gift at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Michelle has also received national recognition as one of the “50 Great Authors You Should be Reading” for her first book Emotional Abundance: Become Empowered. Her unique approach to emotional well-being has led Michelle to be feature alongside best-selling authors Iyanla Vanzant, Neale Donald Walsch, Janet Attwood, Marci Shimoff, Rhonda Britten and many others.

Michelle currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her loving husband, daughter, and twin sons.

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