You’ve Got to Get Dirty to Spring Clean Your Life!

11 Mar 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Uncategorized

I must admit, March is one of my least favorite months.  Here in Wisconsin, the weather isn’t quite as warm as I would like, days are gloomy and all I see around me is a lot of mud.  My twin boys attend a nature preschool, where they take long hikes and play outside for a good part of their day.  Their clothes come back filthy, which always guarantees another load of laundry for me to do. It would be easy to say to myself,  “Michelle, you just need to get out of here and get some sun.”  Luckily, I know that if I just looked at my feelings on a surface level, I would be blowing off a huge opportunity. 

As many of you have heard me share before, nature is a great teacher and this certainly applies to March.  Prior to spring, we are in more darkness than light.  What many are not aware of is how much our well-being imitates nature.  During those darker hours, we are being given a prime opportunity to look into the darkness of the shadows of our being.  By bringing our emotional shadows into our awareness, we shed light on that which we once feared. 


For me it is like clockwork ….when March comes I know I am being asked to get dirty.  Unlike my kids, my getting dirty is about shining light on that which I would rather ignore by attending to messages of my ego.  Let’s face it, in the short-term, blowing off these messages is just easier.  After all, life still feels good.  Why not just go with that?  Well, the reason why I don’t is because I know how to F.E.E.L.: Feel Every Emotion as Love™.

The concept of F.E.E.L™ is a shift in consciousness toward understanding our emotional well-being.  This emotional consciousness shift allows me to see beyond the limited understanding of our feelings that are based upon the ego.  In doing so, rather than go on with life feeling 85% good and 15% off, I consciously choose to bring up that 15% and see what that is all about.  Rather than stay with the surface of the situation ( in my case the weather) there is so much rich opportunity to discover what is really going on within me. 

Think about what you have to do prior to you planting seeds.  You have to clear the surface and dig up underneath.  You want that soil to be turned, shed light on that which has been buried and give it some air.  The same needs to happen within us.  And just like nature if you properly attend to the soil in which you plant your seeds, you will reap the rewards later!

So how do you begin?  First of all you have to trust yourself that you can handle the feeling underneath the surface of you.  You may avoid your feelings altogether because you have had negative experiences when an uncomfortable feeling is brought into your awareness.  There is a difference, however, when you consciously choose to bring up a negative feeling which is you are still in control.  When a feeling bursts out from you, you are in a reactionary state.  By consciously bringing an uncomfortable feeling into your awareness you can differentiate in your mind the messages that come with it that are from the ego (which will be deflating to you) and those that come from love ( which will support you to move forward with creating your ideal life!)  Having that information is priceless!  Now instead of 15 % struggling (or whatever that percentage is for you), you have clarity about what you need to do.  You also have experienced more of your power as you now have reclaimed 15% more of your energy and attention that can go toward fulfilling your life’s purpose and passions!

So before spring is sprung, I encourage you to allow yourself to get a little dirty this spring.  As you do, commend yourself for being willing to do what that vast majority won’t.  You are choosing an enlightened path which takes much courage. 

I just started with a new client this week and before we started she said, “I am ready to get dirty!” and I just had to laugh.   Boy was she right and the rewards she is already reaping from just one session will forever change her life.  Remind yourself that you too are worth it to F.E.E.L: Feel Every Emotion as Love!

Happy Digging!



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