Would You Like These Types Of Transformations?

12 May 2014, by michelle in Featured, personal development

You know what keeps me doing this work?

It is working with so many clients who express to me that doing this inner work with me is their last hope.

Woman LeapingWhat I am most proud of is how clients come to do this deep dive with me after everything else has failed them.

There has been an overwhelming response to sign up for a complementary Quantum Leap Discovery Session.

Because the response has been so great, I’ve opened up a few more spots for next week.
(If you are in a hurry, you can sign up right here:

Here are just a few examples of those who feared their challenges were beyond repair and what they received were results that were beyond what they expected!

  • Take Suzanne, who went from taking everything on within her relationship and work to finding her dream relationship and working less while making more!
  • Or Gina, who felt so paralyzed by the fear of doing something wrong, she struggled to go to work each morning and came home exhausted. Through our work together, she ended up becoming a confident woman who received a promotion and also started public speaking (one of the most fear inducing acts one can do!).
  • Or Darrell, who was struggling with his marriage, children, and career. After his deep dive, he has the meaningful, intimate connection with his wife and kids he has longed for, while also now working at his dream job. He has shared none of this was even in his framework as truly being possible for him previously – now he is living it!
  • What allowed this type of transformation?

    One, you need to be willing to recognize that your current way of trying to address your challenges is not working. This was the moment that opened the door to change for each of the above clients.

    Two, you need to be willing to listen and follow that whisper of a voice within you that is saying THIS (whatever this is for you) MUST CHANGE. Each of the above clients knew they wanted more from their life and let go of not feeling deserving so they could claim the life they truly desired.

    And the third vital ingredient is…
    Having a partner and a trusted guide to take you on this journey , who knows an empowered approach to your emotions so that when the twists and turns appear, you learn how to navigate them. My work is all about teaching my clients the “how to” so that they can change at their core as they ingrain this new way of being as the empowered way in which they respond to life.

    That is how true transformation happens, by changing yourself at your core.

    Changing at your core isn’t like flipping on a switch, which is exactly why this process isn’t for everyone.

    It is a process that is for you if the transformation you desire is no longer something you would like to have happen but must happen.

    If the latter sounds like you, I have opened my calendar to offer a few complementary Quantum Leap Discovery sessions to support you on your journey.

    Go here to request your Quantum Leap Discovery Session

    In the session, I will guide you to uncover your unconscious blocks and share the most immediate way for you to transform your block into empowerment.

    Spaces are limited and get booked fast, so please apply only if you’re 100% “all in” and you’re serious about taking action to make your dreams a reality.

    Go here to request your Quantum Leap Discovery Session.

    Here’s to your next transformation!

    All My Best,
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