Why Healthy Boundaries Lead to Greater Happiness!

09 Nov 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care, Stress

Boundaries are not about having a brick wall (or some other block you cannot penetrate) around you.  Healthy boundaries simply allow you to filter out what isn’t for your highest good.  In any type of relationship whether familial, marital or friendship you want to have healthy boundaries in order to ensure the following:

women friends 2A)    Mutual Respect

B)    Trust

C)     Connection

Having these components in a relationship allow you to be able to work through any disagreement.  More importantly, having great relationships allows you to continue to flourish, see the gifts within you reflected through another and grow as an individual.   Your relationships can be an energy drain or a source of replenishment  to support you to remember the full truth of your potential!

When I was on Fox, I spoke of some deal breakers (to see interviews go to ).  What we didn’t have time to go into was in any relationship how a breach of trust without remorse AND being willing to do something different is truly reason to move on.   This can happen with infidelity as well as with irresponsible financial decisions in a marriage.  In friendships, trust can be broken as well through something as life consuming as a drug problem or as basic as gossip.  In these cases, you have to know your limitations in that you cannot change others, yet you can make decisions to change your circumstances.

To create healthy boundaries you must a) know what feels good and right versus bad/off and wrong to you  b)  be willing to express your feelings to others  and c)stay firm in your convictions by not becoming attached to others reactions


Creating healthy boundaries in the short-term can certainly be challenging.  In the long-term, however, you are setting yourself up to have ideal circumstances to feel the joy of life in the company of others who are a true reflection of love!

Happy Relating & Boundary Creating!



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