When You Have a Set Point that Won’t Budge

29 Mar 2014, by michelle in personal development, Relationships, Self Talk, Stress

Ugh…the pain of set points. You know what set points are right?

Set points occur when no matter how hard you try to change something, you seem to get the same results over and over again.

set pointI’ve had many set points throughout my life.

Some of my most challenging set points include:

  • How much love I can receive,
  • My finances,
  • My weight,
  • How much pleasure I can allow in,
  • How much I can allow my needs to be met,
  • My Career…(Just to name a few!)

Set points are so freakin’ painful!

beach at sunriseThankfully, there is a way to breakthrough them, which I am going to be sharing how in my upcoming complementary webinar Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling. You can register here:

The worse part I have experienced with set points is how easily it is to fall into an unconscious victim mindset. This is part of the reason set points are so difficult to break. I had no idea, I was rationalizing the reasons why these areas of my life could not change.

Fortunately, through the empowered emotional process I teach (and use!), I was able to see through my rationalizations as a way for me to hide from my fears. What I found was that each of my set points was actually guiding me to access more of my truth.

In order to stop getting stuck at these aforementioned stuck points, I had to break through the place where I got in my own way. In other words, I had to break through my own inner glass ceiling over and over again in different areas of my life.

(ADD PIC HERE body at beach) The really cool thing is that when I broke through my set point and inner glass ceiling in one area of my life, other areas of my life improved as well. It turns out that whatever was holding me back in one area also impacted other areas as well.

This means breaking through a set point has a greater impact than you even realize.

Your set points are there in order for you to claim more of
your gifts, your power, and your greatness!

Doing this for myself over and over again, means I have had to come up with a repeatable process that works. And it would be my pleasure to share what has allowed me to breakthrough my set points, so you can too. Join the Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling Webinar by registering now:

TRUST ME, I know how defeating it can feel to have the same challenge year after year. I don’t want you to experience the crushing pain I felt, which is why I want to share this with you.

Let’s say goodbye to set points together!

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