What’s Your Body’s Story?

20 Apr 2010, by michelle in personal development, self-care

Recently, I have been hearing from a lot of people, clients and friends, disclaimers regarding their sense of self, especially when it came to their appearance.  They complain that their body has changed and they yearn for that younger, thinner, wrinkle-free version of themselves.   

This got me thinking about how aware we are of the aspects of ourselves that we deem as not measuring up yet often unaware of the stories behind the judgments.  You carry your body around with you all day, yet did you ever stop to think what is my body’s story?  Before you go down the path of yet another diet or exercise plan, it is time to make peace with your body.  Uncovering your body’s story is going to support you to get to the truth of what is truly upsetting you.  As you make peace with your body, you are going to claim overall well-being at a deeper level.

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Here is what you can do to begin to uncover your body’s story:

1) Your body as a child:

Think about for a minute how you felt about your body as a child.  What is your story then?  How did you eat? How did you feel overall?

 2) Your body as an adolescent:

Same questions as above, plus notice the role of judgment toward your body from yourself and others as to whether it increased, decreased or stayed the same as from when you were a child

3) Your current story regarding your body:

Are there any aspects to your body that you wish were different? Have you always felt this way or when did you begin judging your body in this way?  Do you disassociate yourself from your body not paying too much attention to it’s appearance or are you overly attentive and critical?

4) Create a new story:

What can you learn about how you viewed your body as a child?  How can you begin to shift your view of your body to be seen as a tool to promote self-love?  What would a more balanced perspective toward your body look like?  (more or less exercise, more healthy food or more joy food?  Etc) How do you believe this view would change those around you?  How would this view change your sense of self.

As you become conscious of your body, it is important to find a middle way. As you truly feel better about yourself internally, you desire health in all areas of your life.  Your body becomes one part of that expression of health – a story of treating your whole self with true love and deep respect. 

Live Consciously – Live Exceptionally Well,


  • Michelle,
    Your post really got me to thinking. I have had a negative experience with my body since childhood due to chronic pain. My focus has been chronic pain recovery and reconnecting with mind/body/soul. But you are making me realize the depth of negative emotions and experiences that are probably still there. Physical therapists are always distraught when a person has corrective joint replacement and does not thrive. Posts like yours point out the depth of the work that needs to be done to be healthy.

    • Hi Mary,

      You have great insight on the matter and I am glad you are recognizing the connection. Unfortunately, too many in the traditional medical field do not. This is changing, however, and there is room to be hopeful that healing will soon include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your experience will actually be a model to support the medical community to see past the physical. Keep sharing your story, as it will impact many!

    • Your acrtiles are for when it absolutely, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

      • Thanks Ebony! I am glad you enjoyed the article and hope you can apply these strategies with love and consciousness to your life.