What’s Causing Your Anxiety & What to Do About It?

10 Oct 2013, by michelle in Uncategorized

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders impact over 40 million adults in the United States alone, making anxiety the most common mental health problem in America.

Anxiety levels start young and findings are seeing anxiety show up in children as  young as eight years old.  Often times, high school or college can be a time where normal anxiety shifts to becoming an ongoing issue that gets carried into adulthood.

Living with anxiety, you’ll find yourself trying to live a very controlled life.  That sense of control makes you feel safer but also robs you of your joy.  You then start to think there is something wrong with you, which increases your anxiety.

As you probably already know, I look at our anxiety from a spiritual & emotional level.  This perspective has helped those who have struggled with anxiety for years, when traditional therapies did not help or kept their anxiety at bay but still present.


Below is a quick explanation of how I am looking at anxiety from this psycho-spiritual perspective.  If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety from time to time, please send them to this video.

This video is part of my F.E.E.L. On-the-Go program.  This program lists over 65 emotions and gives you a different approach on how to address your negative feelings from an empowered response.  For more info on F.E.E.L. On-the-Go, click here. 

If you struggle with more severe anxiety and panic attacks, you will need more individualized support.  100% of my clients who began working with me due to panic attacks are now completely panic attack free.  If you desire to work personally with me, please fill out this confidential form by clicking here.

Remember, it is when we have the courage to go outside our comfort zone and address these feelings from an empowered approach, that you can access the joy and inner peace that you deserve.

Use today as your day to get real with yourself if anxiety has been an issue for you.

You are not alone and there is a natural way to dissolve debilitating anxiety for good!

Here’s to your emotional vitality and radiance!

Much Love,


  • Roxanne

    I love this insight, Michelle! I’ve never linked anxiety with the amount of control I have or don’t have. This is what I needed to hear today! Perfect!

    • YES! I am so glad to hear this was able to sink in for you. Keep working with this control piece and your anxiety will lessen.